Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Management with Leostream


Leostream simplifies multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud management of resources hosted in Azure®, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack, and more. 


Hybrid-Cloud Hosted Desktops and Applications

The Leostream Connection Broker is an essential tool for handling enterprise-wide deployments of cloud hosted desktops and applications. Through API integration, the software seamlessly automates desktop provisioning and termination in Azure, AWS, and OpenStack, as well as maximizes resource utilization and tracks resource consumption of remote desktops. Using the Leostream Agent, you can manage connections to resources in additional cloud environment, such as Google Cloud Platform, IBM Softlayer, and more. 


  • Control hybrid and multi-cloud environments that bridge the gap between on-site infrastructure and the cloud through a single portal

  • Provision virtual workspaces in minutes using instances that are preconfigured from customized images created in your public cloud account.

  • Burst into the cloud with on-demand desktops that are perfect for adding capacity quickly, and for temporary/seasonal workers

  • Support multi-tenancy using isolated networks and managing resources independently to separate departments, customers, etc

  • Improve security by keeping data off of the end user’s client device, to ensure that sensitive data never leaves the cloud

  • Lower costs and avoid licensing fees associated with commercial VDI or DaaS stacks and pay low hourly usage fees for compute and storage

  • Choose from a variety of protocols that best suit end users’ needs, including those for high performance graphics and 3D rendering 

  • Streamline the user login with a simple and customizable sign in screen that provides centralized access to hosted resources 

  • Share expensive resources using desktop pools and policies that map users to the appropriate applications


How to Get Started

View the Quick Start Guides

Take a look at the quick start guide below for configuration instructions pertaining to your cloud platform of choice!

File_-_PDF-278020-editedQuick Start Guide: Using Leostream to Manage VDI on Microsoft Azure Clouds

File_-_PDF-278020-editedQuick Start Guide: Using Leostream to manage VDI on Amazon Web Services 

File_-_PDF-278020-editedQuick Start Guide: Using Leostream to manage OpenStack VDI


Next steps

See the Connection Broker in action by watching our webinar on managing hybrid clouds.

Then, to get started with Leostream, please request a free 30 day trial to test drive the connection broker in your environment.


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“As organizations across the globe continue to shift workloads to the cloud, Leostream has taken a leadership role by integrating with all of the key platforms. We’ve been at the forefront of the evolving desktop virtualization space with our Microsoft Azure, AWS, and OpenStack support.

Karen Gondoly CEO, Leostream

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