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Many institutions are moving workstations off of users' desks and into the data center or cloud, to improve data security and increase the utilization of end-user resources. The challenge remains, how do you to connect users to those workstations?

PCoIPThe Leostream Connection Broker works seamlessly with Teradici Cloud Access Software and PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards, providing high-quality graphics for applications running in the datacenter or cloud. The Leostream Connection Broker allows IT to pool, assign, and manage all PCoIP devices in their organization from a single interface.


Working with Remote Workstation Cards

Tera-2240-host-cardImportant note for Remote Workstation Card Users: Please remain on firmware version 4.9 when using Leostream to manage connections to your  workstations.

For workstations that include a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card, users have access to either Windows or Linux operating systems, depending on their need, all delivered using the ultra-secure PCoIP display protocol. Leostream simplifies the Connection Broker setup required to deliver access to remote workstations by automatically associating PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards with the installed operating system.

File_-_PDF Quick start guide: Using Leostream to Manage Remote Desktops based on Teradici® PCoIP® Technology


Working with the Teradici Cloud Access Software

Screen_Shot_2015-09-01_at_11.48.18_AM-684488-editedThe combination of Leostream with the Teradici Cloud Access Platform empowers Solution Providers to build and deliver secure and seamless virtual workspaces and vertical solutions. The Leostream Connection Broker automates the lifecycle of your solution, including provisioning and terminating resources, and provides access management, so end users have  a seamless login to the correct application. TheTeradici Cloud Access Software utilizes the industry leading PCoIP technology, so your applications are delivered securely, via a lossless protocol ensuring uncompromised user experience – regardless of network conditions. And, with the built-in Teradici Security Gateway, your solutions are available anywhere, no matter where your customers’ roam.

Using Leostream with theTeradici Cloud Access Software and Cloud Access Platform, you can build cloud-based solutions that provide secure, policy-based access to your solutions from any client device, including PCoIP Zero Clients and PCoIP Soft Clients and Mobile Clients (iOS and Android).

File_-_PDF Quick start guide: Using Leostream with the Teradici Cloud Access Platform 






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