Ensure Security, Availability, and Compliance

Two Factor Authentication

An organization's authentication servers are typically in place long before IT begins to think about hosted desktops in the datacenter. Therefore, it's important to find a connection broker that can work with the systems already in place. The Leostream Connection Broker allows organizations to continue using existing authentication servers, without requiring updates or modifications. Leostream can authenticate users against:

  • Microsoft® Active Directory®
  • OpenLDAP
  • NIS

In addition, the Leostream Connection Broker is the industry-leading solution for integrating advanced security with hosted resources, with support for the following two-factor authentication systems.

  • Java™ smart cards used in conjunction with AET SafeSign Identity Client ® software
  • Italian Carta Sanitaria and Carta Operatore smart cards and ACOS5 smart cards used in conjunction with bit4id Card Manager Admin software and readers
  • Smart cards compatible with the IAS (Identification, Authentification et Signature) middleware (Pilote Carte IAS), jointly developed by Dictao and Gemalto
  • CAC Cards used with the ActivIdentity® ActivClient™ security software
  • Smart cards integrated with thin clients, such as those from IGEL® and others
  • Biometrics using DigitalPersona® Pro for Active Directory® fingerprint identity solution
  • Proximity card authentication solutions from Ensure Technologies and RF IDeas

Business Continuity

The Leostream Connection Broker tightly integrates with the network infrastructure used for high availability, including global DNS and local load balancing, optimizing availability. The Connection Broker can be configured to meet the availability requirements for organizations of all sizes, supporting both individual desktop failover and Connection Broker or data center failover.

Industry Compliance

While regulations such as HIPAA and GLBA provide critical operational and security guidelines, ensuring proper compliance can also introduce significant operational complexities. The Leostream Connection Broker supports an organization’s compliance initiatives by giving IT considerably more control over end-user resources than with traditional desktops.  As a result, organizations can keep sensitive corporate data “off the edges” of the network, while providing full logging and monitoring of desktop and user activity. Leostream provides the tools and data IT needs to maintain effective internal and external controls, helping organizations comply with today’s regulations.


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