Provide Robust, Customized Solutions Managed to Meet Customer Needs


For hosted service providers and companies delivering Software as a Service (SaaS), the system is the business. Not only must service providers deliver on contractually promised system uptime and robustness, but these organizations must also make the most of their investments, maximizing ongoing operations in order to be profitable. For their customers, SaaS providers must be able to deliver the required desktop environments quickly and throttle capacity on demand – whether due to rapid customer growth or seasonal peaks and valleys.

Leostream provides hosted service providers with a vendor-neutral connection broker that delivers the desktop experience and access that customers need. The Leostream Connection Broker seamlessly integrates with organizations’ existing business systems, providing a quick and cost-effective solution to deploy hosted desktops.

With Leostream, hosted service providers benefit from:

  • Multi-tenant: Supports managing multiple, untrusted domains within a single interface
  • Granular control: Enables desktops to be configured to customers’ specifications, mapping users to the right resources and easing desktop management.
  • Reliability: Provides reliable, highly available connections via Connection Broker clusters, meeting organizations’ most stringent performance requirements and automatically sharing system functions without administrator intervention.
  • Familiar end-user experience: Allows administrators to customize and simplify the end-user desktop experience, while meeting the demand for convenient access, outstanding performance, and high availability.
  • Extensive reach: Supports global integration of DNS and easily scales to support tens of thousands of desktops.


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