Simplify Remote Access in a Corporate Environment


The Leostream Connection Broker manages user-to-desktop assignments and connections in large-scale enterprise environments, from wherever your users roam. From advanced policy logic to the Leostram Gateway, Leostream has everything you need to configure your remote access solutions.

Simple configuration

IT configures pools and policies once using the Leostream Administrator Web interface and then never needs to reconfigure the system to support new users and desktops.

Automatic user provisioning

Connection Broker policies are automatically applied to new users; IT never needs to add or remove users manually.

Integration with corporate systems

Leostream authenticates users against standard corporate authentication servers, such as Microsoft Active Directory.

Detailed logging

The Leostream Administrator Web interface provides up-to-date information about who is remotely logging into their desktop.

Leostream Gateway

Provide in-browser HTML5 connections from any device and from any location, using the Leostream Gateway. The Leostream Gateway also supports client-based connections for graphics-rich applications, using HP RGS and Mechdyne TGX.

For more information or to see how easy it is to configure Leostream for remote access, download our Leostream Remote Access Whitepaper.



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Whitepaper: Leostream as a Remote Access Solution