Hosted Application Solutions


Lowering costs, improving security, and increasing worker productivity are all on the minds of today's IT professionals. Moving complex workloads off of a user’s desk and into the datacenter is one way IT can maximize workstation and application usage, while lowering costs.

Complex workloads often require complex visualization, and rendering graphics in the datacenter can compromise the end-user experience. More importantly, in industries such as semiconductor design or oil-and-gas, one misplaced pixel can cost the enterprise millions of dollars.

Organizations can improve resource utilization and provide pixel-perfect screen rendering through a strategic combination of connection broker and display protocol technologies. Leostream integrates with more high-performance display protocols than any other vendor on the market. And, Leostream is the only vendor to support remote Linux workstations, the operating system on which many complex applications reside.

Choose from among any or all of the following high-performance display protocols.

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Discover how a connection broker simplifies hosted desktop environments.

A connection broker solves all the complex problems associated with how users connect to hosted desktops, and how those desktop connections are managed. Download our new eBook for all the details.