Client and Protocol Support

The Leostream Connection Broker supports a wide range of client devices, meeting organizations’ business requirements while also satisfying end-user desktop access needs. Existing fat desktops can be repurposed as clients for accessing remote desktops. Web-based access and a broad range of Connection Broker-compatible thin clients provides the flexibility to meet an organization’s complete virtualization needs.

Leostream Connect Client
The Leostream Connect client enables organizations to turn existing fat desktops into clients managed by the Leostream Connection Broker. Leostream Connect installs on Linux® and 32- and 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® operating systems, including:

  • Windows Server® 2003
  • Windows Vista®
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows 8
  • Windows embedded
  • Any Linux operating systems running JRE 1.6 or above

To lock down existing fat clients and laptops, use Leostream's client-side single sign-on (SSO) while running Leostream Connect in shell mode. With this configuration, Leostream connects your users directly to their remote session. The local computing environment remains inaccessible.

Display Protocols
The Leostream Connection Broker supports desktop connections using the display protocol appropriate for the backend operating system, including: 

  • Microsoft RDP
  • Microsoft RemoteFX
  • Citrix® ICA™ and HDX®
  • Exceed onDemand
  • HP® RGS
  • NoMachine NX
  • Red Hat® SPICE
  • rdesktop
  • VNC, including UltraVNC, TightVNC, and RealVNC®
  • Teradici™ PC-over-IP®
  • Oracle ALP and AIP

Thin Clients
Organizations can choose from a wide range of Connection Broker-compatible thin clients, including thin clients from the following vendors:

  • 10ZiG
  • Amulet
  • Cranberry
  • Dell Wyse®
  • Devon IT
  • HP thin clients
  • HP SAM clients
  • IGEL®
  • Praim®

Alternatively, organizations can create a Connection Broker-compatible client from any device running the Windows XP Embedded Operating System or x86 Linux operating systems running JRE 1.5 or above.

Mobile Clients
The Safari Web browser on any iOS device can be used to log into the Connection Broker. Download remote desktop connection apps to launch the final connection to the desktop.

Web Interface
Users can access desktops from Web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer® or Mozilla Firefox®.  Web browsers launch connections using any of the following protocols:

  • RDP
  • Microsoft ActiveX® RDP
  • ICA and HDX
  • NoMachine NX
  • Exceed onDemand
  • VNC

Alternatively, organizations can use any third-party remote viewer that can be launched from a URL. The Leostream Connection Broker loads the remote viewer and signs the user into the remote desktop, without installing remote viewer software.

Hardware and Software-Based PC-over-IP® Technology
Organizations can experience the enhanced graphics capability provided by Teradici PC-over-IP technology using either hardware-based blades and workstations or software-based virtual machines. The Leostream Connection Broker tightly integrates with VMware View™ to support software-based PCoIP Connections.


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