OpenStack VDI and Desktops-as-a-Service


OpenStack offers a feasible alternative to running desktops on dedicated hardware in the data center. All you need is Leostream and a display protocol, and OpenStack becomes a solution that allows organizations and MSPs to host virtual desktops with ease. 

Turn OpenStack into a VDI/DaaS powerhouse with Leostream

The Leostream Connection Broker can manage connections to OpenStack instances running a Windows or Linux operating system in order to:

  • Manage the inventory of instances (desktops) in OpenStack
  • Provision new instances from existing images
  • Assign public IP addresses to new instances
  • Define how user connections to desktops are established and managed

Maximize return on investment: By leveraging an open source solution, you avoid the costly licensing fees associated with other virtualization stacks and lower the cost of implementing VDI. With Leostream you can optimize resource usage for cost control and better ROI.

Manage desktops-as-a-service:  Are you an MSP hoping to provide a desktops-as-a-service solution? Use Leostream to manage your desktops by project so that you can isolate your customer environments.

Use a high-performance Protocol: The usefulness of a hosted desktop solution is only as good as the display protocol used to connect users to their desktops. Leostream integrates with more high-performance display protocols than any other vendor on the market so that you can choose the display protocol that best fits your users needs.

Integrate with corporate systems: Don't spend time and money rebuilding systems. Use what you have to save time and money. The Leostream Connection Broker is architected to integrate with other systems in your data center, including authentication servers, SSL VPNs, load balancers, SNMP servers, and more. 

Enterprise-grade: Want additional support or a commercial brand behind your OpenStack cloud? Leostream supports a variety of virtualization platforms and is SUSE OpenStack Certified. 

How to Get Started

OpenStack is increasingly being used to control large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter. Why not use it for your virtual desktop environments, as well? Ready to jump in?


First, take a look at this infographic, which outlines the steps needed to get started. Then, see our guide for using Leostream to manage OpenStack VDI and DaaS. 

File_-_PDF-278020-editedInfographic: How to Manage OpenStack VDI with Leostream

File_-_PDF-278020-editedGuide: Using Leostream to Manage OpenStack VDI and DaaS

File_-_PDF-278020-editedReference Architecture: OpenStack VDI with the Leostream Connection Broker


Software Downloads

Next, download the Leostream Connection Broker. If you're new to Leostream, please request a free 30 day trial to test drive the connection broker in your environment.  

Introductory Resources

Learn the basics of using OpenStack for cloud-hosted desktops by reading our eBook and watching the webinars listed below. 

File_-_PDF-278020-editedeBook: Building OpenStack VDI and DaaS

1439318827_play_alt  Webinar: How to make OpenStack VDI and Desktops-as-a-Service a Reality

1439318827_play_alt  Webinar: OpenStack VDI and DaaS with Leostream and Teradici


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