Create Linux® and Microsoft® Windows® Deployments


Some applications were just made to run on a Linux operating system, and Leostream has you covered. Leostream is the most comprehensive management platform for connecting users to Linux resources. 


Manage Linux Hosted Desktops

The Leostream Connection Broker allows organizations to manage Microsoft Windows and Linux desktops from a single pane of glass. Using the Leostream Connection Broker, organizations can:

  • Connect to Linux virtual machines, blades, or physical machines using HP RGS, Mechdyne TGX, Exceed onDemand, Teradici PCoIP, VNC, or NoMachine NX protocols.
  • Define policies that connect users to either Linux or Windows machines, or both, using the display protocol appropriate for the back-end operating system.
  • Launch in-browser SSH connections to Linux desktops, using the Leostream Gateway

  • Install Leostream Connect on Linux clients to repurpose existing Linux desktops to behave as clients in the hosted desktop environment.




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