Hyperconverged Systems and Hosted Desktop Infrastructures (HDI)



    Hyperconverged systems simplify the setup of VDI, and Leostream helps IT manage hyperconverged VDI alongside other hosted resources such as physical workstations, virtual workstations, blades, and HPE Moonshot Systems. Provide users with the level of performance they need by using unique hardware solutions hosted in the datacenter. 


    Hyperconverged Systems

    Hyperconverged systems expand the possibility of using VDI to a wider range of organizations by simplifying the hardware setup, and increasing the efficiency and scalability of VDI. Leostream can manage desktops hosted in a variety of hyperconverged systems, such as those provided by Nutanix, HPE, and others.


    High-Performance Workstations

    Some applications and users require significant power. In these cases, build your HDI using high-power workstations, such as those available from HP, Dell, or Amulet Hotkey. Leostream allows you to pair the remote workstation with a high-performance display protocol, such as HP RGS, Mechdyne TGX, or Teradici PCoIP, so you can ensure that users get at-their-desk performance for applications that run in the data center.


    Virtualized Workstations

    Advancements in hypervisor and GPU technology are opening up additional options for hosting graphic-rich applications. Instead of using a one-to-one mapping of users to workstations, virtual workstations allow you to share GPU resources amoung multiple users. Using Leostream pooling and policy, you can maximize resource utilization while providing high-performance using passthrough GPU or virtualized GPU. To learn more, visit the Leostream blog on hosting graphic rich applications.


    HPE Moonshot Systems

    Some applications and users require less power, but still desire the performance and persistence of dedicated hardware. For these users, try out an HPE Moonshot System with HP Remote Graphics Software.


    Remote Access to Desktops

    If your users have physical desktops or carry around laptops, you can use Leostream to provide users with anywhere access to those systems. Typical remote access solutions are designed for individuals, not enterprises, making them difficult to configure and manage in a corporate environment. The Leostream Connection Broker is designed to manage user-to-desktop assignments and connections in large-scale enterprise environments. Read our remote access whitepaper to learn more.



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