Seamless Integration and Centralized Management for Education


Educational institutions need to manage a wide range of computing resources, often with limited staff and extremely constrained budgets. To combat these challenges, many schools, colleges, and universities are leveraging virtual desktops as a lower-cost way to more effectively coordinate campus-wide deployments, support online classrooms and distance learning, and maintain end-user workstations, while at the same time providing a superior end-user experience and ensuring system uptime and security.

Schools, colleges, and universities around the globe rely on the Leostream Connection Broker to integrate existing PCs, thin clients, and Web browsers into a centralized VDI. Broker pools and policies allow administrators to map users to the appropriate resources, optimizing resource usage while minimizing costs.

With Leostream, educational institutions benefit from:

  • Ease of integration: Supports a wide range of operating systems and platforms to meet the computing requirements and preferences of all types of end-users.
  • Kiosk Mode: Allows one user identity to simultaneously log in from several clients – ideal for virtual classrooms and remote learning environments.
  • Centralized management: Administrators can monitor and control user activity and desktop use as required.
  • Simplified end-user experience: Provides complete and flexible on-demand access to the user’s desktop, from any client with access to the education institution’s network.
  • Extensive reach: Scales seamlessly to support tens of thousands of desktops.




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