Teradici® PCoIP®

Leostream and Teradici® PCoIP® Products and Cloud Solutions

Leostream works seamlessly with Teradici Cloud Access Software and PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards, providing high-quality graphics for applications running in the datacenter or cloud. The Leostream Connection Broker allows IT to pool, assign, and manage all PCoIP devices in their organization from a single interface.


PCoIP Zero Clients

Leverage secure PCoIP Zero Clients with native access to Leostream. 


Cloud Access Software

Build a hybrid solution using Leostream to manage connections to VMs running Teradici Cloud Access Software. 


Remote Workstation Cards

Connect to Windows, Linux or macOS with a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card. 


Maximize Workstation ROI

Optimize shared workstation usage by monitoring idle time and automating disconnects and log outs. 

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