Dev-Ops Automation

Leostream for Dev-Ops Teams

With Leostream, you can control and automate your DevOps environment, as well as roll the management of servers, applications, and desktops into a single platform.


Meet Any Developer's Needs

With Leostream's automated provisioning and flexible policies, you can change the user's desktop's performance, operating system, applications, etc., as the developer's needs change.



Users come and go, and so can their development environments. Leostream can automatically create and assign new users to
the appropriate resources, and delete those resources when the user is gone.


Anywhere access

With HTML5-based RDP, VNC, and SSH connections, users can access their Windows or Linux desktops, servers, and applications on almost any cloud or on-prem hosting platform, from any where and from any client device with a browser and internet access.


Audit level tracking

Monitor who is logging in, what they access, if 
they've left a connection idle, and more. You keep track of everything that's happening in your environment.


Share Resources

Share resources among users, ensure that you always have the required desktop capacity based on user load, and monitor when you need to expand your data center or burst into the cloud. You have control over it all!


Pools and Policies

Use Leostream pools and policies to manage capacity in your datacenter, control who has access to what and for how long, and define what happens when the user disconnects, logs out, or moves to a new location.

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