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How a Connection Broker Simplifies a Hosted Desktop Environment

When moving resources into the data center, you have a lot of things to think about.  With all the moving pieces you’re juggling, the connection broker is probably the last thing on your mind. But, it happens to also be a very important piece, and waiting until you’ve designed the rest of your data center to consider the connection broker can be detrimental to the overall usability of your system. This eBook discusses 5 scenarios where including a connection broker into your design from the get-go can future-proof and improve your hosted desktop solution. 

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Choosing A Public Cloud to Host Your VDI or DaaS Solution

Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform dominate the public cloud computing space. But how do the Big Three stack up for VDI and DaaS? 

In this guide, we will put all three to the test, comparing the pros and cons for an all-star VDI or DaaS solution. We will also discuss how to leverage the Leostream Connection Broker to make the most of all three!

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DaaS 101: An MSP's Guide to Building a Complete Desktops-as-a-Service Solution

As an MSP, a Desktops-as-a-Service offering revolutionizes how you and your customers think about desktop management. For your clients, outsourcing their desktops means reduced hardware costs, improved mobility, and trading a CapEX for an OpEX. For you, it's a whole new recurring revenue stream. 

However, building a new DaaS offering that meets all of your customers needs and use cases involves a little set up. In this eBook, we go step-by-step on what to consider when building a DaaS offering. 

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Managing Hosted Desktops and Applications in a Hybrid Cloud with Leostream

The time has come to move to the cloud - slowly. Enterprises are increasingly looking to a hybrid cloud solution as a way to reap the benefits of the public cloud, without scrapping what is already working in an on-premises datacenter.

In this whitepaper, discover how the Leostream Connection Broker works with the Leostream Gateway to manage connections to desktops and applications in a hybrid cloud environment.

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Managing Connections to Hosted Applications in Microsoft Azure using Microsoft RemoteApp and the Leostream Connection Broker

As Microsoft depreciated support for Azure RemoteApp, IT professionals are left scrambling to find a replacement solution. The Citrix XenApp replacement has been called "clunky and expensive." Luckily, Leostream has the ideal solution for RemoteApp connections in Microsoft Azure! 

In this whitepaper, discover how the Leostream Connection Broker works with the Leostream Gateway to manage connections to applications hosted in Microsoft Azure using Microsoft RemoteApp

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Tip sheet: 5 Ways to Lower Desktops-as-a-Service Costs when Hosting in AWS

With a little care and planning, public clouds such as AWS become perfect places to host desktops-as-a-service. By being diligent about how and when you rack up compute costs, you can offer a DaaS solution at competitive rates and still earn a healthy margin.

In this tip sheet we'll cover five ways to keep your costs in check and offer strategies for controlling public cloud costs for desktops as a service.

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Leostream as a Remote Access Solution

Snow days, sick days, any out-of-the-office days can turn into productive days with the right remote access solution. By using the Leostream Connection Broker to provide users with remote access to their desktops, enterprises can reap the benefits of remote access while securing and managing their desktops using the benefits found in an enterprise-class VDI connection broker. This whitepaper shows how, in five simple steps, you can configure Leostream to provide remote access to your users.

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Hosted Applications for Media and Entertainment

The cloud is changing the application story for media and entertainment. It's now easier than ever to build and deploy a hosted application solution without sacrificing performance for graphics-rich applications. 

In this whitepaper, we discuss best practices for architecting a cloud or on-prem hosted application solution in the media and entertainment industry 

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How to Deploy Graphics Rich VDI in Microsoft Azure

One of the biggest roadblocks our IT professionals face when leveraging public cloud resources for hosted desktops is a lackluster experience for graphics-intensive users.

Well, the wait for graphics-rich hosted desktops is over as we are pleased to announce, with the launch of our new Leostream Connection Broker 8.2, we have included Microsoft Azure integration!

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Building OpenStack VDI and DaaS a Blueprint for Cloud Hosted Desktops

Are you looking to harness the benefits of OpenStack for virtual desktops? Through a strategic combination of connection broker, hypervisor and display protocol technologies organizations can improve resource utilization and manage OpenStack VDI/DaaS at scale.

In this blueprint we outline the building blocks for hosting virtual desktops with ease.

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Out of this World Hosted Graphics with Leostream and HP RGS

Demand for mobility and collaboration is at an all-time high. How do you reap the benefits of remote workstations for users running 3D, graphics intensive, or mission critical applications?

Whether your users require 3D CAD, animation software, geospatial data, or anything in between, by leveraging the Leostream Connection Broker alongside HP RGS you can create an out of this world hosted experience. 



Hosted Desktop Solutions with Pixel-Perfect Graphics

Organizations can improve resource utilization and provide pixel-perfect screen rendering through a strategic combination of connection broker and display protocol technologies. Advanced display protocols, such as OpenText Exceed onDemand, provide innovative designs that deliver complex 2-D and 3-D X Window applications to users, whether they are just down the hallway or halfway across the globe.

This whitepaper describes how to combine the Leostream and OpenText solutions to optimize resource utilization and user productivity.

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App Map for HPE Moonshot System with Leostream and HP Remote Graphics Software

The combination of HPE Moonshot with the Leostream Connection Broker and HP RGS provides a full-stack solution that simplifies the IT task of managing HDI at a lower cost and with better end-user experience.

The purpose of this document is to describe a recommended architecture/solution, and to provide the information necessary to configure Leostream for use with HPE Moonshot.

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Key Considerations for Delivering Linux Hosted Desktops

Enterprises around the world are realizing the benefits of hosting open source Linux operating systems in internal datacenters and delivering Linux virtual machines to end users. While most VDI solutions have Microsoft Windows Operating Systems down pat, Linux often gets short-changed. Enter the Leostream Connection Broker, the centralized connection management layer you need to deliver physical and virtual desktops. Using Leostream, you can provide users with access to the right type of desktop, including Linux! 

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Turning OpenStack into a VDI and DaaS Powerhouse with Leostream and Teradici

Create a large-scale virtual desktop environment hosted in an OpenStack Cloud.

In this whitepaper, we’ll address how the Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform enables OpenStack VDI/DaaS for any user and use case and how the Leostream Connection Broker provides a complete virtual desktop management layer.

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Automating Capacity Management in your Virtual Environment with Leostream

Capacity management is a must for large-scale virtual and hosted desktop deployments.This takes careful planning and the right tools.

In our new guide, we've outlined some practical ways to use the Leostream Connection Broker to ensure that IT resources are appropriately allocated in the most cost effective way

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Tip sheet: The Top 5 Considerations to Address before Deploying a Large-Scale VDI

Your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) needs to be robust, highly resistant to failure, and flexible enough to meet individual user needs, but there are a host of other questions that need to be addressed in order to ensure a successful VDI rollout. This short guide provides a series of questions related to five areas important for VDI deployment planning including: heterogeneous systems, viewer protocols, authentication and directory services, desktop control, and policies.

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VDI in Healthcare: Managing a Compliant Desktop Infrastructure

Many healthcare institutions are turning to desktop virtualization to provide fast and reliable connections, ease systems management, and protect confidential information by keeping it off of end-user terminals.

In this whitepaper we explore why healthcare institutions are looking to VDI to maintain a compliant desktop infrastructure while providing secure end-user access point. Secondly, we’ll introduce the Leostream Connection Broker, which provides the management console to oversee the entire desktop environment.

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Delivering Desktops-as-a-Service in the Public Cloud with AWS and Leostream

In a world where mobility and BYOD are the new reality, running virtual desktops from the public cloud is a compelling alternative to traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

In this eBook we discuss why AWS is a natural environment for moving workloads to the cloud and how you can leverage Leostream to fine-tune your desktops-as-a-service (DaaS) initiative.

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Eight Sure Signs your Workforce Needs Cloud Desktops

Chances are, your workforce utilizes the cloud in one way or another, maybe for their email or CRM system, but what about their desktops? When is the right time to move your workforce's desktops into the cloud? This Leostream eBook describes eight sure signs that indicate, there's no time like the present.


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