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An Introduction to Leostream

Ready to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Leostream? View this on-demand webinar with Leostream CEO Karen Gondoly for a deep dive into the entire Leostream platform!


High-Security VDI: Providing Secure Access with the Leostream Gateway

Provide streamlined user access to all your network resources – without compromising security. Leostream makes it possible!


How to Build OpenStack VDI with Leostream

Discover a true OpenStack VDI solution with Leostream. In this webinar, Karen steps us through the ins and outs of building an OpenStack VDI solution using the Leostream suite of tools.


Leostream and Scale Computing for Intuitive VDI

Leostream and Scale Computing are bringing intuitive VDI to the SMB and distributed enterprise. In this webinar, Leostream CEO Karen Gondoly and Scale Computing Office of the CTO Alan Conboy step us through the Leostream and Scale Computing VDI solution.


Managing Hosted Desktops and Applications in a Hybrid Cloud

View this webinar for a look into the hybrid cloud and what it means to build a hybrid cloud hosted desktop and application solution – and how Leostream makes it all possible.


VDI Master Class: Rethinking Your Private Cloud with Leostream and Fairbanks

In this webinar, learn how to design, build, and manage virtual desktops and hosted applications in a custom-built private cloud or hybrid environment – no legacy VDI vendor required. Includes a special guest presentation by Fairbanks to discuss OpenStack for VDI!


Webinar: Leostream 9.0 – The Next Generation of Leostream

A connection broker solves all the complex problems associated with how users connect to hosted desktops, and how those desktop connections are managed.

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