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Managing Hosted Desktops and Applications in a Hybrid Cloud

View this webinar for a look into the hybrid cloud and what it means to build a hybrid cloud hosted desktop and application solution. 

In 45 minutes, we discuss key advantages of hosting resources in a hybrid environment. We cover how to architect a hybrid solution, and how the Leostream Suite of tools and services makes it all possible. 


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Leostream 9.0: The Next Generation of Leostream

In this webinar, Leostream CEO Karen Gondoly unveils the much anticipated Leostream Connection Broker 9.0 alongside the new Leostream suite of hosted desktop and application solutions 
In 30 minutes, we will cover all the exciting new management functionality in the Leostream Connection Broker 9.0, as well as it's sleek new look. We will also discuss the ultra-secure Leostream Gateway, as well as the new Leostream Services. 

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High-Security VDI - Providing Secure Access with the Leostream Gateway

In a new age of threats and attacks, high-tech security is priority number one for the enterprise. For IT professionals, this means securing and locking down your VDI environment is more important than ever.  

In this 30 minute webinar, we will discuss how to best leverage the NEW Leostream Gateway to provide secure access to your VDI environment. 


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Introduction to Connection Broker Technology: Managing Hosting Resources with Leostream

Most virtualization stacks provide a built-in connection broker, which is adequate for managing their single stacks. So why would you ever look elsewhere?
Discover how a vendor neutral connection broker can future-proof your hosted desktop solution while providing the flexibility to support a wider range of use cases.

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Graphics-Intense Applications at Cloud Scale with Leostream and Microsoft Azure


Scalability, anywhere access, and rapid deployments make hosted desktops in the public cloud an attractive offer for IT professionals. But lack of GPU support has often left graphics-intensive users with a lackluster experience. Until now!

Discover how IT professionals and system administrators can leverage Leostream integration with Microsoft Azure Clouds, along with the right display protocol, to deliver graphics-rich hosted desktops to their power users. 

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How to Deliver Linux Virtual Desktops on Demand

How can you lower IT costs when applications run on a Linux operating system? How can you handle a mixture of Windows and Linux in a hosted environment? And, how do you ensure a seamless end-user experience, while maximizing resource usage and minimizing downtime?

Watch this 45-minute presentation, product demonstration and Q&A as we discuss how to form a comprehensive VDI solution that can satisfy Linux users and deliver desktops on demand.

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Deploying Large-Scale Hosted Desktop Infrastructure and VDI with the Leostream Connection Broker

Looking to deploy large-scale hosted desktop and virtual desktop infrastructures (HDI and VDI) throughout your organization? You can do it all with Connection Broker 8.0! 

During this one-hour session, you will learn how to get started with the Leostream Connection Broker and how to take advantage of all the latest features.


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How to Make OpenStack VDI and DaaS a Reality

OpenStack is changing the equation for virtual desktops and has the potential to turn VDI on its head. Sneaking up through the ranks of open source software, OpenStack is increasingly being used to control large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter. Why not use it for your virtual desktop environments, as well?

Join Leostream’s virtualization experts as we explore how your organization can lower the cost of deploying virtual desktops and manage them with ease. 

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Delivering Mission Critical Applications with Leostream and HP RGS

Everyone these days wants access to their applications and computing resource on the go. And we mean everyone — including users running graphics heavy applications such as 3D rendering. 

In this 45 minute session, you will learn how the Leostream Connection Broker, coupled with HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS), enables you to provide anywhere access to high-performance workstations and graphic-rich applications.

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OpenStack VDI and DaaS with Leostream and the Teradici Cloud Access Platform

OpenStack makes a solid choice for your VDI platform. Maximize return on investment and optimize the end-user experience with a robust connection broker and high-performance virtual workspaces solution that can turn your OpenStack cloud deployment into a VDI power house.

Learn how combining the Leostream Connection Broker and the Teradici Cloud Access Platform enables you to build, deliver, and manage a virtual desktop infrastructure in OpenStack clouds. 

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Lowering the Cost of VDI with Open Source Solutions

The VDI and Desktops-as-a-Service revolution took desktops off client devices and into data centers - mobilizing the workforce like never before, maximizing compute resources, and minimizing downtime. However, costly licensing fees have prevented MSPs and IT Professionals from realizing the true cost-saving potential of a VDI or DaaS solution.

Discover how MSPs and IT Professionals can leverage open source options to build a VDI or DaaS solution that is both complete and cost-effective, regardless of the size or scale of the environment.

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