Simplifying Linux VDI - How to Deliver Linux Virtual Desktops on Demand

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It’s no secret that Linux has a loyal fan-base across the development community and industries such as government, engineering, and oil & gas. But, when it comes to VDI, the operating system often gets the short end of the stick.

How can you lower IT costs when applications run on a Linux operating system? How can you handle a mixture of Windows and Linux in a hosted environment? And, how do you ensure a seamless end-user experience, while maximizing resource usage and minimizing downtime?

The truth is, Linux VDI doesn’t have to be hard. You can create a virtual Linux environment that provides an efficient way to access hosted resources on centrally managed servers. By combining the Leostream Connection Broker with a high-performance protocol, managing a hosted Linux environment can be as simple, seamless, and powerful as a hosted Windows environment.

Watch this 45-minute presentation, product demonstration and Q&A as we discuss how to form a comprehensive VDI solution that can satisfy Linux users and deliver desktops on demand.

What you will Learn:

You will learn how to create a hosted environment that supports your end users operating system of choice, while leveraging the security, cost savings and flexibility available with Linux. We will cover:

  • Tips for simplifying heterogeneous environments, specifically managing Windows/Linux side-by-side
  • Best practices for optimizing resources, such as sharing a single Linux desktop with multiple users
  • Integrating systems into your VDI, including Active Directory, eDirectory, OpenLDAP, external SSL VPNs and multi-factor authentication
  • Managing computing resources and controlling what users can access through pools and policies

Intended Audience

This webinar is intended for System Administrators interested in leveraging Linux VDI or supporting mixed deployments.



Karen Gondoly, COO, and Dana Tee, Marketing Specialist, of Leostream Corporation.






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