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Webinar: Deploying Large-Scale Hosted Desktop Infrastructures and VDI with the Leostream Connection Broker

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Looking to deploy large-scale hosted desktop and virtual desktop infrastructures (HDI and VDI) throughout your organization? You’ll need unparalleled flexibility and scalability to ensure that you can provide users with access to the right type of desktop, with the right level of performance, using the best protocol for the job.

You can do it all with Connection Broker 8.0! No matter if your users need dedicated hardware or virtual machines, Linux or Windows, the Leostream Connection Broker helps to ensure that the proper resources are always accessible. 

The latest version of Leostrean Connection Broker is jam packed with new functionality including support for HP Moonshot Systems and OpenStack clouds. 

During this one-hour session, you will learn how to get started with the Leostream Connection Broker. You will also learn how to take advantage of new features to help you: 

• Manage OpenStack cloud within Leostream, including inventorying and power controlling existing OpenStack instances, and provisioning new instances from existing images

• Leverage Microsoft Windows Deployment Services servers to deploy operating systems to HP Moonshot System 

• Define user-configurable parameters that allow end users to tailor the performance and resolution of their remote desktop connection

• And much, more! 



Join Karen Gondoly, COO, and Bob Ewanouski, VP of Sales, of Leostream Corporation for a discussion, product demonstration and Q & A. You will leave the webinar with practical tips and best practices to help you successfully deploy and manage large-scale hosted desktop and virtual desktop infrastructures with Connection Broker 8.0.  

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