Webinar: Delivering Mission Critical Applications with Leostream and HP RGS

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Everyone these days wants access to their applications and computing resource on the go. And we mean everyone — including users running graphics heavy applications such as 3D rendering. 

How do you enable these users to be mobile, while securing their data in your datacenter, when they typically have a workstation sitting below their desk? The answer is easier than you think.

In this 45 minute session, you will learn how the Leostream Connection Broker, coupled with HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS), enables you to provide anywhere access to high-performance workstations and graphic-rich applications.

Leostream, along with our partner HP, will discuss:

  • The industries and use cases that benefit from using a connection broker with workstations and HP RGS
  • How leveraging a connection broker allows you to secure data, improve resource utilization, and provide anywhere access for end users
  • Why the high-performance HP RGS display protocol is the ideal choice for delivering remote access to high-performance applications
  • How to transition from the HP Session Allocation Manager (HP SAM) to Leostream

Intended Audience

System administrators looking to host graphic-rich applications in the datacenter will get the most out of this technical overview and demonstration. For example, do you cater to users that work on special effects or animation? Are you in the Oil & Gas or Engineering industry, with users that need high-power CAD or other applications? If so, you don't want to miss this webinar, where you will learn how to run them flawlessly, securely, and instantly from any location on any PC.



Karen Gondoly, COO, and Dana Tee, Marketing Specialist, of Leostream Corporation; Christian Jones, Sr Product Manager, of HP Workstations

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