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Supporting Documents

Using HPE Moonshot Systems with Leostream and HP RGS

This document serves as a reference architecture for how to deliver high-performance desktops from a hosted desktop infrastructure consisting of the Leostream Platform, HPE Moonshot Systems, and HP Remote Graphics Software.

Manuals/Administrator Guides

Working with Display Protocols

Leostream can establish a connection to a remote desktop using a variety of supported display protocols. This document provides general guidelines when considering different display protocols and how to support them with Leostream.


OpenStack VDI Reference Architecture with Leostream

This document describes a recommended architecture for building a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or delivering desktops-as-a-service (DaaS) from an OpenStack cloud using the Leostream Connection Broker.

Supporting Documents

Security Review Guide

This document describes the different pieces of the Connection Broker that are relevant to a security audit, including network level access application level access and maintenance.

Manuals/Administrator Guides

Leostream Scalability Guide

Read this guide for details on how to build large scale, highly available Connection Broker clusters.

Manuals/Administrator Guides

Leostream Agent Administrator’s Guide

The Leostream Agent provides the Connection Broker with insight into the connection status of remote users to their desktops. This document describes configuring and using the Leostream Agent.

Manuals/Administrator Guides

Leostream Connect Administrator’s Guide

The Leostream Connect client allows users to log into the Connection Broker and access their resources from laptops, desktops, and Windows tablets. This document describes configuring and using the Leostream Connect client.

Manuals/Administrator Guides

The Leostream Connection Broker Application Guide

This document describes installation requirements, network considerations, console administration, and upgrades for the Leostream Connection Broker application.

Manuals/Administrator Guides

Connection Broker Administrator’s Guide

The Connection Broker Administrator’s Guide is intended for system administrators who are configuring and administering the Connection Broker via the Administrator Web interface.

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