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Leostream 9

Leostream Agent for Microsoft Windows

Version: 7.4.8
Release Date: October 2021


Tutorial: Licensing Your Leostream Connection Broker 9.0

In this video, learn how to quickly and easily license your Leostream Connection Broker and hit the ground running!


Tutorial: Configuring Your Leostream Connection Broker

In this video, walk through step-by-step instructions for configuring your Leostream Connection Broker 9.0.


Upgrading a Clustered Connection Broker 8.2 Environment to Leostream 9.0

These documents describe how to upgrade a clustered Connection Broker 8.2 Environment to Leostream 9.


Upgrading a Standalone Connection Broker 8.2 Environment to Leostream 9.0

These documents describe how to upgrade a standalone Connection Broker 8.2 to Leostream 9.

Supporting Documents

Glossary of Terms

The glossary provides an explanation of commonly referred to terms and topics related to the Leostream Connection Broker and Leostream Gateway.


Transitioning from HP SAM to Leostream

The Leostream Connection Broker provides the core functionality available in SAM along with an arsenal of additional pooling, policy, management, and reporting capabilities. This document aims to ease your transition from HP SAM to the Leostream Connection Broker.

Supporting Documents

Setting up Connection Broker DNS SRV Records

Service Location records enable Leostream Connect and the Leostream Agent to automatically discover the address of the Connection Broker by querying the DNS server. See the Leostream DNS Setup Guide for information on setting up DNS.

Supporting Documents

Leostream and SSL VPNs

SSL VPNs provide access for users outside of your corporate firewall. Read this guide to learn how to integrate Leostream with common SSL VPN appliances.

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