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Choosing a Public Cloud to Host Your DaaS Solution

Compare the “Big Three” cloud hosting providers and discuss how they rank as a VDI or DaaS platform.

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Leostream Gateway

Release Date: May 2019

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Leostream Connection Broker 9.0

Release Date: June 2019

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Tutorial: Leostream Network Architecture

In this video, learn how all the pieces of the Leostream solution work together in your hosted resource environment.

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General Quick Start Guide

Step-by-step instructions on the initial configuration of your Leostream Connection Broker.

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Installation Guide

View the installation guide for the Leostream Connection Broker, Leostream Gateway, Leostream Agent, and Leostream Connect.

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Managing Hosted Desktops and Applications in a Hybrid Cloud

View this webinar for a look into the hybrid cloud and what it means to build a hybrid cloud hosted desktop and application solution – and how Leostream makes it all possible.

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Webinar: Leostream 9.0 – The Next Generation of Leostream

A connection broker solves all the complex problems associated with how users connect to hosted desktops, and how those desktop connections are managed.

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Intro to Leostream Concepts

Read this guide for an introduction to the Leostream components and terminology, and to learn how Leostream manages user sessions.

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How a Connection Broker Simplifies a Hosted Desktop Environment

When moving resources into the data center, you have a lot of things to think about. With all the moving pieces you’re juggling, the connection broker is probably the last thing on your mind. But, it happens to also be a very important piece, and waiting until you’ve designed the rest of your data center to consider the connection broker can be detrimental to the overall usability of your system. This eBook discusses 5 scenarios where including a connection broker into your design from the get-go can future-proof and improve your hosted desktop solution.

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