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SVG At-Home Production: Extending Online Media Production in an Ever-Changing World Extending Online Media Production in an Ever-Changing World This case study showcases how a large media conglomerate found a solution for their employees to …

Supporting Documents

Using RADIUS Servers for MFA with Leostream

This guide describes how to integrate Leostream with MFA providers that support the RADIUS protocol to provide enhanced authentication and single sign-on to the Leostream Web client, Leostream Connect, and PCoIP clients.


Now that you’re working from home, what’s next?

Join GPL Technologies, Teradici, and Leostream for an expert panel discussing work from home technology for high performance environments.


4 Ways Teradici and Leostream Simplify Business Continuity

Teradici and Leostream combined technologies provide companies scalability, agility, security and greater flexibility across virtualized IT environments. Spend 60 minutes with Leostream and Teradici to learn how you can secure desktops and workloads for a variety of business continuity use cases.


Providing Secure Work-From-Home IT Solutions   WEBINAR:How to provide the resources and security for remote workers Recorded on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 11:00 am Eastern Daylight Time Join us …

Case Studies

IT Service Provider moves on-premises VMware Horizon VDI to cloud-based VDI in AWS with Leostream

Reduce operating costs associated with an on-premises datacenter, maintain business continuity by preserving user profiles, and provide anywhere access to IT assets with a Leostream cloud VDI solution.


University Implements Open Source VDI Solution with Leostream and OpenStack

In 2016, Monash University set out to expand their online learning programs, as well as support department research, by providing virtual desktops to their psychology department. At the time, they leveraged OpenStack as a research cloud and, in an effort to support open source technology, decided to continue to leverage OpenStack for their virtual desktops.


How To Build Cloud-Based VDI in AWS, Azure, or GPC

Build Cloud-Based VDI in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.


Remote Access for All – An Overview of Leostream

In this webinar, Karen Gondoly, CEO, discusses why customers choose Leostream over a full-stack solution and demonstrates an example architecture for a hybrid cloud environment

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