The following product links allow you to download the Leostream Connection Broker, Leostream Gateway, Leostream Connect client, and Leostream Agent application, as well as the Teradici Connection Manager and Security Gateway.

Important note for Customers with PCoIP Remote Workstation Card: Please continue using firmware version 4.9 on your Remote Workstation Cards when using Leostream to manage connections to your workstations.

Visit the Leostream Connection Broker Product Lifecycle page for information on release and support dates for previous versions. 

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View the Leostream 9 release notes 


download_icon-994162-edited  Leostream Connection Broker

Version: 9.0.10
Release Date: September 2018 


download_icon-994162-edited  Leostream Gateway

Release Date:  November 2018


download_icon-994162-edited  Leostream Connect for Microsoft Windows

Version: 4.0.6
Release Date: August 2018


download_icon-994162-edited  Leostream Connect for Linux and macOS

Version: 3.4.6
Release Date: April 2018


download_icon-994162-edited  Leostream Agent for Microsoft Windows

Version: 7.0.5
Release Date: August 2018


download_icon-994162-edited  Leostream Agent for Linux and Mac 

Version: 4.3.23
Release Date: August 2018


download_icon-994162-edited  Teradici Connection Manager and Security Gateway

Version: 1.8 / 1.14
Release Date: December 2017
download_icon-994162-edited Leostream Connection Broker

Version: 8.2.73
Release Date: October 2018


download_icon-994162-edited Connection Broker 8.2 Update File

Version: 8.2.73
Release Date: August 2018


download_icon-994162-edited Leostream Gateway for Connection Broker 8.2 

Version: 1.11
Release Date:  January 2017


download_icon-994162-edited Leostream Connect for Microsoft Windows

Version: 3.8.7
Release Date: June 2018


download_icon-994162-edited Leostream Agent for Microsoft Windows

Version: 6.3.11
Release Date: April 2018


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