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The Leostream Connection Broker is deployed by more than 300 customers worldwide in sectors that include financial services, high tech, healthcare, education, customer support, government, manufacturing, and others. With more than 90,000 desktops in service, the Leostream Connection Broker powers real-world VDI deployments that allow customers to integrate nearly any data center element into a robust end-user computing environment.



Success Stories



Ballinger Rolls Out Top Notch Remote Access Solution for Architects & Engineers

The IT team at Ballinger, an award winning architectural and engineering firm, set out to design a remote access solution that would mobilize the company’s power users. After evaluating several VDI solutions, they turned to Leostream, and Teradici PCoIP Workstation Access Software running on Dell Precision hardware to enable remote access to 3D CAD and CPU-intesive applications.

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VDI Solution Simplifies Management of Windows and Linux Remote Desktops

Tasked with virtualizing existing Microsoft Windows and Linux desktops, in a highly-secure and mission-critical environment, the Hammers Company turned to Leostream to provide a single pane of glass for managing desktop connections, while providing end users with the performance required to access graphics-rich applications.

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Manufacturing: Remote Access to High-Performance Applications

This case study outlines how, through their partnership with Dell, Freescale Semiconductor replaced 18 data centers with 2 large VDI centers and three satellites. With its inclusion of the Leostream Connection Broker and OpenText Exceed onDemand, the Dell VDI securely connects a globally distributed workforce to high-performance applications with an in-office experience.

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Healthcare: Proximity Card Access to VDI

A busy New York hospital provides seamless user experience and simplified administration with VDI designed by CompuCom and powered by Wyse Cloud PCs, Wyse WSM, Leostream Connection Broker and Ensure Technologies’ XyLoc workstation security solution. The design enables medical staff to roam freely about the facility while retaining access to their desktop. Patient data remains secure and the IT staff easily manages desktops and clients.

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Government: Phone System Integration

The Dutch City of Veenendaal deployed the Leostream Connection Broker and Mitel’s unified communications system to provide a fully integrated VDI and phone system for city workers. The joint solution allows Veenendaal employees to roam between thin clients and enjoy the experience and convenience of single sign-on access to their desktop and phone. In addition, the VDI deployment includes access to Terminal Server sessions so end users can be just as productive at home as they are at the office.

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Financial Services: Smart Card Authentication

Commerzbank AG (NY) engaged Leostream, Wyse, and IdentiPHI to create a smart card-based authentication system for Hosted Desktops. Using a solution based on smart cards that store X.509 digital certificates, smart card readers, Wyse WTOS thin clients, and Microsoft Active Directory®, these partners developed a multi-factor, strong authentication solution that provides straightforward log-in and “anywhere” access for end-users while adhering to strict industry security standards.

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Financial Services: Remote Access and Enhanced Security

Hermes Fund Managers Ltd. engaged Panacea Services to develop a centrally-controlled virtual desktop infrastructure to provide secure, remote access to its end users. The solution is designed to host virtual PCs using VMware Infrastructure, and HP servers and storage. The Leostream Connection Broker provides the interface between end users and the virtual PCs. Connection Broker policies enable the virtual PCs to be customized and tailored to the requirements of individuals and departments. With this solution, Hermes provides convenient, customized remote access for end users while benefiting from centralized management and control of virtual desktops; enhanced security and disaster recovery; and power and hardware cost savings.

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Software: Role-based, Remote Access to Development Resources

Sogeti Nederland needed a cost-effective solution that would enable developers in India to access remote development tools hosted in the Netherlands. The solution needed to be secure, location-independent, scalable, and easily managed. Sogeti chose the Leostream Connection Broker to provide role-based, semi-permanent Hosted Desktops to remote developers and testers while meeting security requirements and overcoming distance and local Internet infrastructure issues.

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Healthcare: HIPAA-compliant "Anywhere" Access 

An American clinic with a staff of 400 evaluated the best way to implement new clinical systems, enhance security, and plan for expansion during systems upgrades that were part of the clinic’s regular hardware refresh cycle. With the tight regulation of HIPAA-mandated patient security, need for failsafe 24/7 system reliability, and manageability concerns, the clinic looked for ways to leverage virtualization to meet these goals. After evaluating traditional desktops, application virtualization, and desktop virtualization, the clinic selected a secure Hosted Desktop solution managed by the Leostream Connection Broker and based on a VMware virtualization layer and thin clients.

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Healthcare: Increased Productivity for Clinical Staff and IT; Cleaner Clinical Environment 

Collingwood General & Marine, a Canadian hospital with 500 employees needed to improve remote access to desktops for clinical staff. It chose a virtual desktop (VDI) system managed by the Leostream Connection Broker that provides high-performance "anywhere" access to clinical computing resources from Wyse S10 thin clients in the hospital and, through the hospital's Juniper SSL VPN system, from any physical desktop or laptop outside the firewall. The VDI system was easy to implement and is easily maintained by the hospital's IT staff of five. The use of fan-less thin clients prevents dust and microbes from being recirculated, and staff prefer using the new system both in the hospital and remotely.

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Education: VDI delivered to 20,000 via Wireless LAN & Thin Clients

The University of Rennes 2 in France engaged Leostream, VMware, and Wyse to create a campus-wide desktop solution that could be accessed both from thin clients in computer labs and laptops in areas with a WLAN connection. This solution improved campus-wide desktop accessibility for 20,000 users while meeting security and management requirements such as multi-factor authentication, fine-grained access rights, and a small management footprint.

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