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Flexible VDI and Secure Remote Access for Government Organizations Secure and control virtual desktop resources with Leostream, ClearCube, and Stratodesk

Leostream, ClearCube, and Stratodesk have aligned to enable a flexible solution with proven success amongst government organizations.

This collaboration delivers on all fronts —increased security, performance, reliability, and resilience — to address a wide range of use cases for government and military entities.

How to Choose a Display Protocol for your Remote Desktop Users

Selecting the right remote display protocol is an important part of every hosted desktop initiative. After all, the display protocol defines how end users connect to their hosted applications, and determines rendering performance. These two aspects have a big impact on your end users’ experience, which is why choosing the best option is not something to take lightly. In this guide we share tips for evaluating third-party display protocols. We provide an overview of popular vendors and guidance for choosing the best fit for your end users.

Download the guide to learn about:

  • Why utilizing more than one protocol can often be more cost effective and provide a better overall experience

  • Tips for evaluating your users’ workflows to narrow in on your display protocol selection

  • The difference between client-based and clientless integrations 

  • Popular vendors and key advantages for each

The Importance of Remote Access for a Successful Digital Transformation

Integrating remote access capabilities is often a fundamental part of an organization’s digital transformation. Realizing the true benefits of your remote access program can hinge on a solution that is well established and flexible enough to support your initiatives long-term. In this whitepaper, we explore what you need to know about incorporating remote access into your digital transformation strategy.

Download the whitepaper to learn about:

  • Key themes for integrating remote access with your digital transformation plan

  • The importance of having a vendor neutral remote access solution when it comes to future proofing your design

  • Creating a holistic approach when prioritizing the needs of your remote access solution 

  • Our top 5 considerations for planning remote access as part of a digital transformation initiative

Simplified IT Operations for Hybrid Environments with the Leostream Platform

 The Leostream Platform was designed for busy systems administrators who need an efficient way to manage VDI, hosted desktops, and cloud desktop environments.

This document specifically focuses on the areas of the Leostream Platform that will assist you with maintaining, monitoring, and optimizing your hosted environment once you are fully deployed and up and running.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

    • Where you can plan to spend your time as an administrator interacting with the product

    • Specific ways the Leostream Platform helps you to maintain, monitor, and optimize your hosted environment once you transition from proof-of-concept into production

    • The importance of leveraging “roles” within Leostream to delegate operations to your IT staff 

Download the case study to learn about how Leostream:

    • Provides a premium user experience and connections to all of the University’s onsite Mac, Windows, and Linux devices

    • Simplifies administrative functionality, making it possible for the eight-person help desk team to manage the system with ease

    • Supports remote access for students in the Digital Arts program who require high-end technical specifications and minimal latency issues


Secure Remote Access for Media and Entertainment

In this whitepaper, we discuss best practices for deploying a secure remote access solution in the media and entertainment industry

Download a copy to learn:

  • Users receive at-desk performance just like they are sitting right in front of their in-house workstations
  • Choose the best display protocol to satisfy the visualization requirements necessary for resource intensive software like Adobe, Maya, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Unity and more
  • Dynamically assign machines to a remote workforce using desktop pools. Desktop pools allow for better utilization of resources and for expensive software licenses to be shared amongst users.
  • Secure access to workstations using multi-factor authentication and Zero Trust workflows
  • Streamline project audits by providing logs that track desktop connections and monitor resource assignments
  • Scale hosted environments across a variety of virtualization platform and all of the major cloud options such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and OpenStack
  • Quickly spin up desktops to support

Leostream Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Key Considerations for Delivering Linux Hosted Desktops

In this whitepaper, we discuss key considerations for delivering Linux hosted desktops in an on-premises or cloud environment. You will learn – 
  • How to plan for a mixed environment 
  • Choosing your display protocol wisely
  • Leveraging Leostream plans and policies for simplified management 
Intended Audience:
Anyone interested in learning more about hosting Linux desktops, but in particular: CIOs, Sysadmins, IT staff, CTOs, and other IT decision makers.

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eBook: VMware, Citrix, and Leostream – A Not-Quite Apples-to-Apples Comparison 

In this eBook, take a closer look at how Leostream compares to legacy full-stack VDI vendors VMware and Citrix. We’ll go over –
  •  The major components of legacy, full-stack VDI
  • How Leostream handles VDI a little differently
  • When Leostream is a better fit for you than the legacy vendors (and when it’s not!) 
Intended Audience:
Anyone interested in learning more about how Leostream compares to VMware and Citrix, but in particular: CIOs, Sysadmins, IT staff, CTOs, and other IT decision makers.

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Ready to get started with a 30 day free trial of Leostream? Follow the link below! 


VDI in Healthcare: Managing a Compliant Desktop Infrastructure


In this whitepaper, we discuss best practices for managing and maintaining a compliant desktop infrastructure in healthcare. We discuss how Leostream provides key features of a successful healthcare desktop deployment such as – 

• Centralized IT management

• Hands-free login for medical staff

• Improved desktop connection speeds

• Reduced IT costs and improved ROI


Managing Connections to Applications Hosted in Azure using Microsoft RemoteApp and the Leostream Connection Broker

Managing connections to hosted applications in Azure has never been easier. 

In this whitepaper, discover how the Leostream Connection Broker works with the Leostream Gateway to manage connections to applications hosted in Microsoft Azure using Microsoft RemoteApp

Download a copy to learn about:

  • Why host an application in Azure
  • How enable RemoteApp in Azure
  • How the Leostream Gateway works with the Leostream Connection Broker to enable RemoteApp in Azure

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Top 5 Tips for Hosting Applications in an On-Prem, Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud Environment


Cloud or on-prem hosting is an ideal solution for legacy applications, shared applications, and remote applications and more. In this tip sheet, discover our top 5 tips for hosting applications in a public cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises data center environment.

Download to learn:

  • Which applications are ideal for hosting
  • What to consider when choosing a hosting platform
  • How to choose the right display protocol
  • How a vendor-neutral connection broker can tie it all together
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