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Advancing Secure Enterprise Remote Access

This webinar discusses secure remote-access best practices as well as a demonstration of the newest release of the Leostream Platform in action. There are several exciting new features and improvements including:

  • Secure remote access by requiring users to pass through MFA with any RADIUS-based Identify Provider
  • Launch PCoIP connections from the Leostream Web client, to wrap PCoIP connections into a standard Leostream login with SAML-based authentication
  • Clientless high-performance connections using newly supported HTML5 option
  • Leverage your SAML-based Identity Provider for secure authentication into Leostream

Are only some of your students returning to campus in the fall? Join Leostream and Liquidware to learn how you can manage student connections from anywhere.

Demonstration: Hybrid Remote Learning with Leostream

Are only some of your students returning to campus in the fall? This Leostream demo shows how you can manage student connections from anywhere, now, and in the future.

Delegated Remote Access Solutions for Today
Leostream is the gatekeeper to all of your on-campus machines

  • Authorize students using AD, LDAP, etc., with options for MFA
  • Assign students to the appropriate pools of machines based on classroom or lab requirements
  • Connect remote students to desktops from any location with an internet connection – use both high-performance and “commodity” display protocols
  • Manage on- and off-campus students to ensure remote users connect to available machines
  • Track and report on all machine usage

Advanced Remote Solutions for Tomorrow
Build for today with an investment for tomorrow

  • Optimize lab usage to minimize hardware acquisition
  • Burst into any of the major public clouds – allows you to expand classroom capacity instantly
  • Automate cloud capacity and power state to keep costs in check
  • Compete with online universities to attract a larger student base


Are only some of your students returning to campus in the fall? Join Leostream and Liquidware to learn how you can manage student connections from anywhere.

Extending Online Media Production
in an Ever-Changing World

This case study showcases how a large media conglomerate found a solution for their employees to securely access and edit content from home. Leostream, Amulet Hotkey, and CineSys-Oceana discuss how they design secure remote workflows for production continuity.

From Episode 2: Editing and Graphics of the 2020 SVG At-Home Production Series

Recorded Wednesday, April 29 at 1:00 pm ET


Jason Blum – CTO, GPL Technologies 
Paul Austin – Director, Global Channels, Teradici 
Jack Liu – Solutions Architect, Teradici 
Karen Gondoly – CEO / VP Product Management, Leostream 
Bob Ewanouski – VP Business Development, Leostream



4 Ways Teradici and Leostream Simplify Business Continuity

Tuesday, April 21 at 1:00 pm ET

Presented by
Karen Gondoly, CEO / VP Product Management – Leostream & Mirela Cunjalo, Director, Product Management – Teradici

Business continuity planning is critical to ensure business functions continue running during emergency events that can adversely impact your daily services or functions. So how can you re-organize, retool IT to accommodate a remote workforce?

Teradici and Leostream combined technologies provide companies scalability, agility, security and greater flexibility across virtualized IT environments.

Spend 60 minutes with Leostream and Teradici to learn how you can secure desktops and workloads for a variety of business continuity use cases. You’ll learn how:

  • ultra-secure PCoIP software and clients reduce attack risk and address government security requirements
  • hear updates related to TLS 1.2, FIPS 140-2, & DARS
  • to efficiently roll out and manage virtual desktop deployments using Leostream
  • to leverage hybrid and cloud services for efficient IT
  • to benefit from the collaboration between Teradici and Microsoft Azure Stack

This is your opportunity to ask questions and get answers from experts in the field. 



How to provide the resources and security for remote workers

Recorded on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 11:00 am
Eastern Daylight Time

Join us as we talk about how Scale Computing and Leostream provide a complete virtual desktop infrastructure solution with all the same great features you’ll find from the legacy VDI vendors — at a fraction of the cost.

Our solution helps time and resource constrained IT departments deliver the virtual desktop solutions necessary for today’s business. As organizations see an increase in the amount of remote workers and BYOD, they also see an increase in security risks and the need to deliver the mission critical applications to their employees to keep them efficient.

Virtual workers are a natural fit for the small to medium business and distributed enterprise world, and a proper VDI solution can allow you to seamlessly maintain the benefits and feel of a single office location as you add additional remote employees to your workforce.

Learn how we help with:

  • Desktops on-demand – Leostream quickly provisions virtual machines preconfigured from customized template VMs created in HC3.

  • Improved security – keep data off of the end user’s client device, to ensure that sensitive data never leaves your data center.

  • Lowered costs – avoid licensing fees associated with full VDI stack solutions.


How To Build Cloud-Based VDI in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform

Let’s face it: Maintaining an on-premises datacenter is a costly endeavor – and we aren’t just talking about hardware. Staffing, office real estate, utility bills – the overhead adds up before we even get to virtualization software. 

If you or your client has finally decided it’s time to get out of the datacenter business and outsource their CPU to one of the “Big Three” public cloud providers – AWS, Azure, and GPC – this is the webinar for you! 

This webinar highlights – 

  • The associated costs of running an on-premises datacenter 
  • The most common missteps IT professionals make on their journey to the cloud 
  • How to build cloud-based VDI (that works!)


Karen Gondoly, Leostream CEO
Jamie Sullivan, Leostream Marketing


Remote Access for All – An Overview of Leostream for Promark Partners

With over 15 years of experience, Leostream provides the premier vendor-agnostic remote access platform for hosted IT assets from any device, to any platform, for anyone. Join us to learn more about who Leostream is, why customers are adopting the Leostream Platform, and how Leostream stands out in a crowd of full-stack VDI solutions.

Speaker: Karen Gondoly, CEO / VP Product Management

This Webinar Covers:

  • Introduction of Leostream- The Company
  • Introduction to Leostream – The Platform
  • Why customers choose Leostream over a full-stack solution
  • Example architecture for a hybrid cloud environment
  • Deep dive into the Leostream Platform
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