Nice Shoes Case Study - Enterprise VDI and Remote Access

Case Study: Building a Secure Cloud Creative Studio with Audit-Level Tracking

Nice Shoes, a tenured creative studio, has been a pioneer in the media industry for leveraging cloud technology.  With artists working on post-production services, visual effects and video projects from all around the world, the company utilizes the Leostream™ Platform to monitor resource assignments and virtual connections.

As one of the first studios to go all in with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company relies on Leostream to provide audit-level tracking as it builds a secure, cloud-based pipeline for remote working.

Download the case study to learn about key project initiatives:

  • Why Nice Shoes decided to take a cloud-based approach over building out its legacy infrastructure
  • Ways Leostream is being used to enhance security
  • How the studio is providing remote artists with graphics-rich applications
  • Why the company’s VFX Creative Director thinks Leostream is a “great product” and a key component of the technology stack
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