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How Can Leostream Services Help You? 

The VDI experts at Leostream have over 15 years of experience working with enterprises, SMBs, and MSPs implementing a VDI, DaaS, or hosted resources solution. We understand the ins and outs of moving from a traditional VDI stack to architecting a solution that fits your unique needs. The Leostream Team is here to help you navigate the implementation process. 

Get help from the experts at Leostream designing your VDI, DaaS, or hosted resource environment. 

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What is the Leostream Services Offering?

The experts at Leostream will work with you during a free 15 minute consultation to get a clearer picture of your needs. From there, we're available to make recommendations on the various components of your environment, and assist you in architecting your design. We know the important up-front questions to ask, to ensure that your deployment is successful for years to come. Here's a few thoughts to get you started.

What are you hosting?

Many of your design decisions are dependent on the type of desktops and applications you plan to host. Do you plan to provide access to full Windows or Linux desktops, or only applications? What kinds of tasks are your users performing on those desktops, from simple word processing to complex 3D rendering? Have you thought about containers? The more you get down on paper about what you plan to host and how it will be used, the more informed your design decisions become.

Where will you host it?

In the old days, you hosted everything in your data center on whatever platform you used for server virtualization. No longer! From OpenStack to public clouds to hyperconverged systems, you have more options for building a hosted desktop and application environment then ever before. Different platforms are better suited for different workloads, and gaining an understanding of your options and how to use them helps you build an environment that best suits your needs.

How will you connect your users?

What display protocol will you use to connect users to their hosted resources? All too often, the answer we hear is, "we don't know." If you move away from a legacy virtualization stack, you open up your environment to a number of display protocols. Some are free, while others come with higher price tags. Some give adequate performs, while others are pixel-perfect. We can guide you down a path to the right option, realizing that one size may not fit all. 

How will you manage the user's session?

After moving to a hosted desktop and application environment, you suddenly have more control over the user's session than if they walked off with their laptop. Should you reboot the machine every evening? Should you log users out if they left their session idle for an hour? When should you launch new instances in the cloud? An advanced connection broker can help you maximize the benefit of a hosted desktop environment, and that's where Leostream really comes into play. We can help you wade through your options, so you maximize the utility of your environment while minimizing costs.





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