Secure Access without Compromise.


Why do you need the Leostream Gateway? 

Add secure remote access to your Leostream hosted desktop environment using the Leostream Gateway. With a built-in HTML5 client, users can connect to their desktops using RDP, VNC, or SSH, from any device of their choosing. Remote users who access graphics-intense applications can utilize the Leostream Gateway forwarding functionality for high-performance display protocols like HP RGS and Mechdyne TGX.

Tuck your hosted resources in a locked down network without compromising user access. The Leostream Gateway makes it possible.

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How the Leostream Gateway Provides Secure Access

The Leostream Gateway connects users to their desktops using a random port, not the display protocol port. And, that random port is open only at the request of the Leostream Connection Broker and only for the duration of the user’s connection. Unauthorized users are blocked by the need to know not only the IP address of the Leostream Gateway but also what random port it chose to open for a particular connection. 

Using the Leostream Gateway, you secure your environment by isolating all your hosted resources in a private network, limiting access via a single portal (the Leostream Gateway), and using the Leostream Connection Broker to authorize the connection.

Host desktops and applications in the public cloud with confidence

Many organizations are realizing the benefits of hosting desktops and applications in the public cloud. The question remains, how to secure those resources while still ensuring access? Enter the Leostream Gateway. With the Leostream Gateway, all hosted resources remain isolated in a virtual private cloud. The Leostream Gateway acts as a gatekeeper, providing connections only for users who are authorized by the Leostream Connection Broker. 

Connect to desktops and applications from any client device your users may desire

The Leostream Gateway provides a built-in HTML5 viewer that supports VNC, RDP, and SSH. Whether your users need access to a Windows or Linux hosted desktop, and no matter what client device they choose to use, users can launch a connection to their desktop with as little as a Web browser. With the Leostream Gateway support for Microsoft RemoteApp, users can even access individual applications inside their Web browser, instead of full desktops. 

Satisfy even the most demanding users with support for high-performance display protocols

Some users require applications that must be delivered using a high-performance display protocol with pixel perfect rendering. Host their applications in a cloud, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, and allow these users to work from anywhere by using the Leostream Gateway support for HP RGS and Mechdyne TGX. 

Feel secure with only the Leostream Gateway on the network

In a public cloud environment, the Leostream Gateway becomes your only IP address on the public internet. No need to expose your Connection Broker or any of your desktops. Feel secure knowing that the single public IP address is assigned to a virtual machine running Security-Enhanced Linux with a limited set of secured services, including Apache and OpenSSL.





Learn How The Leostream Gateway Secures your VDI Enviroment

The Leostream Gateway secures your VDI, DaaS, or hosted resources enviroment without compromising user access. Watch our webinar for all the details!

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