The Leostream Connection Broker seamlessly integrates with existing business systems without the need for modifications or additions. Designed to work out-of-the-box with tested production systems, the Connection Broker allows organizations to deploy a hosted desktop infrastructure (HDI) easily.

Directory Services
With the Leostream Connection Broker, organizations can authenticate users with any of the following authentication servers:

  • Microsoft® Active Directory®
  • OpenLDAP™
  • NIS

The Connection Broker supports multiple, untrusted domains without requiring changes to existing authentication servers.

Multi-factor Authentication Systems
The Connection Broker enables two- and three-factor authentication by integrating with any of the following multi-factor authentication systems:

  • Smart cards, either native to the thin client or in Leostream Connect using any of the following:
    • AET SafeSign Identity Client® software
    • bit4id Card Manager Admin software
    • IAS (Identification, Authentification et Signature) middleware (Pilote Carte IAS), jointly developed by Dictao and Gemalto
  • CAC cards used with the ActivIdentity® ActivClient™ security software
  • Fingerprints, using DigitalPersona® Pro for Active Directory®
  • CAS
  • Client-side browser certificates
  • SafeNet iKey 1000 USB two-factor authentication token
  • XyLoc proximity solutions from Ensure Technologies
  • HID proximity card authentication with pcProx® proximity card readers from RF IDeas

Hypervisor Support
With the Leostream Connection Broker, organizations can assign virtual machines from a variety of hypervisors, including:

  • VMware® vSphere 5.x
  • VMware ESXi 5.x
  • Citrix® XenServer 6.x
  • Microsoft Hyper-V™ 2012
  • Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization 3.0

In addition, organizations can combine VMware vCenter Server features along with the Leostream Connection Broker to enhance the availability of virtual desktops. The Connection Broker integrates with vCenter Server functionality, such as:

  • Resource pools and data centers
  • High availability
  • Distributed resource schedulers
  • Provisioning

With the Leostream Connection Broker, organizations can leverage existing hardware-based SSL VPN devices to provide secure access through the Internet, using two-factor RSA token authentication. The Connection Broker integrates with SSL VPN devices from the following vendors:

  • Juniper Networks®
  • Cisco®
  • F5®
  • SonicWALL®

Load Balancers
Organizations can use existing hardware load balancers to spread user logins across Connection Brokers in a cluster, ensuring high availability and fast connections. The Connection Broker works with the following load balancers:

  • Cisco Local Director
  • Citrix NetScaler™
  • F5 BIG-IP® Load Traffic Manager™


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