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How the Leostream Connection Broker Works

The Leostream Connection Broker is a vendor-independent virtual appliance that runs on virtualization hosts such as those offered by VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and Red Hat. It manages the connection of end users to their desktops and applications without sitting in the data path. IT administrators use the Leostream Connection Broker to establish access control rules that offer end users the correct resources, and connect users to those resources based on who the user is and where they log in.

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Connecting End Users to Desktops and Applications

Using "connection broker plans and policies", administrators offer users the appropriate desktops and define the display protocol used to connect the user to those desktops. Leostream never sits in the data path of the user's desktop connection, resulting in native performance for any of the supported advanced display protocols. Leostream manages the user's remote session over the lifetime of that session, allowing administrators to take actions on events such as session disconnects and user idle. 

What's Included?

Built from the ground up, Leostream Connection Broker provides everything System Administrators need to manage user connections to workstations, blades, VDI, and more.


The Connection Broker

A virtual appliance that manages and assigns hosted desktops and applications to end users. Administrators use the Connection Broker Web interface to define the managed resources and the access control policies that connect end users to their resources.

Leostream Connect

The Leostream Connect software client allows organizations to repurpose desktops and laptops to connect to hosted desktops. Leostream Connect provides client-side single sign-on and run-as-shell modes, to lock down and hide the desktop's operating system from the end user. Leostream Connect is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Apple OS X operating systems.

The Leostream Agent

When installed on each hosted desktops, the Leostream Agent provides the Connection Broker with information about the connection status of users to their remote desktops. The Leostream Agent is a critical component when using Leostream for USB management, single sign-on to Teradici PCoIP sessions, and user idle-time monitoring.


Authenticating Users

The Connection Broker connects end users directly to physical and virtualized desktops, HPE Moonshot Systems, Remote Desktop Services, and applications according to the user’s identity and the location of their client device. The Leostream Connection Broker integrates with an organization’s directory services, such as Microsoft® Active Directory® and Novell® eDirectory™, to authenticate users and map them to a Connection Broker policy. The policy, in turn, defines which resources the user may access, how they are connected, and how the Connection Broker manages the user's session.




Learn How a Connection Broker Simplifies Hosted Desktop Environments

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