A Complete Desktops-as-a-Service Connection Management Solution


About Leostream Desktops-as-a-Service

Your email is in the cloud, and so is all your file storage, so why not your desktop, too? Imagine all your Windows applications from your iPad or your sales demo ready to access from any device. Break the 3 year PC refresh cycle, trade CapEx for OpEx, and deploy your desktops-as-a-service as needed, on a monthly basis. Using Leostream, you can provide desktops-as-a-service from the public cloud or from your own data center. Whatever type of desktop connections you need to manage, and whatever type of use cases you need to solve, Leostream Desktops-as-a-Service is there to help.

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Why Choose Leostream?

Leostream has over 10 years of experience managing VDI/HDI connections for enterprises in their private datacenters. Now, Leostream is leveraging that knowledge to support nearly any use case in a desktops-as-a-service solution. The Leostream DaaS advanced feature set provides the most comprehensive DaaS management solution available on the market today. Ready to see it in action? Request a free demonstration of our public or private cloud DaaS solution. 


Hybrid Cloud

With options to host desktops in the public or private cloud, or a hybrid environment, the sky is the limit with Leostream DaaS.

The Leostream Connection Broker, provides the functionality and flexibility to manage your in-house environment and your cloud environment, all from a single management pane.

Power Plans

Time is money. Power plans ensure that users' desktops are ready and waiting when they need them and powered down when they don’t. Power plans dictate when a desktop should start up, and shut down and can even be assigned to pools of desktops, so your users never have to wait for their desktop to start.

Scalability & Reliability

Leostream can support tens of thousands of desktops, thousands of log-ins per minute and tens of thousands per hour. Clustering, failover and high availability ensure that you get the reliable hosted desktop service you demand.

Pooled Desktops

Pooled desktop instances are created and deployed on demand, and destroyed at shut down, saving on compute and storage costs. These single–use instances are great for quick, easy, and cost-effective access to needed applications.


DaaS Solutions that Meet Your Business Needs

Streamline workflow, reduce capital investment, and support a mobile workforce. With Leostream Desktops-as-a-Service, you finally have a flexible solution to meet all your business needs.

  • Optimize desktop usage and lower cost

Leostream’s tracking and reporting tools enable you to maximize resource and can help to scale down on hardware requirements. Plus, by deploying your DaaS  solution on an open source platform you can avoid the commercial licensing fees associated with other stacks.


  • Provide end users with a high-performance desktop experience

Present end users with their work environment where, when, and how they expect it. The Leostream Connection Broker providing a seamless, highly functional desktop experience using a wide range of advanced display protocols, including HP RGS, Teradici PC-over-IP, Exceed onDemand, and more.


  • Provide anywhere, any time access 

You need a DaaS solution that allows users to log in from any client type, while providing the performance they need to get their jobs done. Leostream supports a wide range of client types and display protocols so on-the-go users have reliable access to their desktop.