Deliver Desktops-as-a-Service from Anywhere, Any Time, to Any Device.


How Leostream Desktops-as-a-Service Works

The Leostream Desktops-as-a-Service solution provides simple yet powerful tools for managing connections to cloud-hosted desktops. Desktops are brokered from either the public cloud, or your own private cloud, and customized by you to meet all your requirements - and then some. The customization possibilities are endless, making the margin earning potential limitless for service providers. You can build a recurring revenue stream with a SaaS pricing model and be on the forefront of the desktops-as-a-service revolution with Leostream.

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Connecting End Users to Hosted Desktops 

Leostream Desktops-as-a-Service allows you to define rules that determine which cloud desktops users have access to, and how long they are allowed to use those resources. By using Leostream to build your desktops-as-a-service solution, you have complete control and flexibility over defining user connections. 
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Where is Your Cloud?

Leostream Desktops-as-a-Service allows you to build the cloud that best suits your customers's needs. No matter where you want to host your desktops, Leostream can manage your user's connections.


Public Cloud

Leostream manages desktops hosted in Amazon Web Services and on Microsoft Azure clouds, which provide data centers around the globe. No matter where your users reside, you can host their desktop in a datacenter near them to optimize performance. And, by using a public cloud, you avoid the cost and hassle associated with building out a data center.

OpenStack Clouds

Are you on the forefront of cloud management? Leostream can manage desktop workloads provisioned in OpenStack clouds, as well. Manage instances and images within Leostream, then assign users access to their desktops using a high-performance display protocol.

Private Data Centers

Already have your own data center? Whatever technology you want to use to host your desktops, Leostream can manage the desktop connections. You can use Leostream as a single-pane-of-glass to manage virtualization platforms from VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, or Red Hat, new hardware form factors such as HPE Moonshot Systems, and more.


Connecting Users to Desktops

Leostream connects end users directly to cloud-hosted desktop using any of a number of supported remote display protocols. Need access from any device? You can integrate an HTML5 RDP client. Have task workers with simple applications? Maybe Microsoft RDP is for you. Providing desktops-as-a-service for knowledge or power workers? Maybe you need to invest in HP Remote Graphics Software or Teradici PCoIP. Whatever your need, Leostream can estabish the connection.