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Secure financial data in your data center while still ensuring anywhere, secure access for your users
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Provide Anywhere Access to All Users

Whether your users are moving around a trading floor or working from a coffee shop, they require secure access to their hosted desktops and applications. Thankfully, with Leostream, regardless of where your users roam, their applications are a click away. You choose whatever platform you want to use to host your desktops - from individual workstations, to virtual machines, to cloud instances - and let Leostream authorize and connect users, whether they're at their desk, on the job site, or in a plane. Leostream allows you to tailor the user experience based on where the user logs in, so you can always provide the required level of access and performance.
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Secure Access with Multi-Authentication 

Protecting your data is vital in the financial industry. By building a hosted desktop solution, you take data off of users personal devices, and secure forecasts, financial records, and personal data in your data center. To ensure that data is accessible to the correct personnel, just give Leostream a call.

Using the Leostream suite of tools to manage access to your hosted desktop solution, you can leverage a variety of two-factor authentication systems to ensure that only authorized users are able to log in. Leostream supports smart cards, proximity cards, RSA tokens, and even fingerprint readers, so you can design a system that works best for your staff.

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Leverage a High-Performance Display Protocol

The world of finance moves quickly, and you can't afford to let a pixel drop or lag behind. Thankfully, with the advancements in high-performance display protocols, users experience at-desk performance when connecting to hosted financial software. The Leostream Connection Broker supports a wide range of display protocols, for both Microsoft Windows and Linux remote desktops. You can use the best protocol for the job, from HP RGS, to Mechdyne TGX, to Teradici PCoIP, and more.
It was very important that we work with partners who bought into our vision for VDI, and understood our security and accessibility requirements. This solution, based on the Leostream Connection Broker, eases and demystifies the login/authentication process for the end user. And end users benefit from ‘anywhere’ access to Hosted Desktops, while the system itself adheres to strict industry security standards.

Ewange Musonge Systems Engineer Commerzbank AG (New York)

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