How Can Leostream Help?

Simplify IT while ensuring anywhere access to educational resources
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Centrally Manage Desktops Across the Institution

In the old days, you provided all faculty members and institute staff with a desktop and the software they needed. Your IT department then adopted a number of strategies to ensure that those desktops and applications stayed up-to-date and license compliant. Thankfully, now, there's a better way.

By hosting desktops and applications, IT has anywhere access to the user's resources when patches or updates are required. All you need is a connection broker to authorize and connect your staff to their appropriate hosted desktop . That's where Leostream can help. The Leostream Connection Broker ensures that users can connect to their application from wherever they roam, while giving IT a central location to manage resources across your entire institution.

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Provide "Virtual Classrooms" from Any Device

Supporting a bring-your-own-device model can help institutions save a lot of money when it comes to providing desktops. The question becomes, how do you ensure students have access to the required course applications from a variety of devices? The answer, host your course applications in your data center or in the cloud and use Leostream to manage access.

Leostream supports a wide range of display protocols that can be used across a variety of client devices. Whether your users prefer Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple macOS, or a mobile device, you can configure Leostream to connect users to their appropriate application.

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Move to the Cloud to Provide On-Demand Desktops

Building new labs or starting a new curriculum can come with large capital costs. Instead of building out new systems, why not consider bursting into the Cloud?

Leostream supports a wide range of hosting platforms for on-premises deployments, as well as support for a number of public clouds, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Using Leostream, you can manage all these hosted resources from the same management console.

Leostream pools automate provisioning instances in the public cloud, so you can ensure that desktops are ready when the class needs them, and that the instances are deleted when the class is done, helping you keep cloud compute costs in check.

Our Hosted Desktops are far more manageable than a physical environment. The process of provisioning computers is streamlined. We can rely on a standard template to provision new devices and users, and the process of later updating them is more effi cient as well. Plus, since users on Hosted Desktops are in read-only mode, if there is a problem, we just reboot. 

Humberto Duarte IT Department Co-Director, University of Rennes 2

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