Leostream Connection Broker 8.2.63 Update


Leostream Connection Broker 8.2.63 Update

Please, click on the following link to download the Connection Broker 8.2 update file.

8.2.63 Update file for Connection Broker

Return to the > System > Maintenance page in your Connection Broker to install this update file. After updating, your Connection Broker will be version 8.2.63. 

For a list of features in the 8.2 release, please see the Connection Broker Release Notes.

Note: The Connection Broker 8.1 appliance, which can be upgraded to version 8.2, is built on a 64-bit CentOS 6.7 operating system. You can obtain the underlying operating system upgrade only by installing a new Connection Broker virtual appliance. The update file does not update the underlying operating system. See the Leostream guidelines for upgrading Connection Brokers 7.x or 8.0 clusters to version 8.2.

For New or Trial Customers

Thank you for your interest in the Leostream Connection Broker! The update file provided above is not a complete Connection Broker installation. To begin working with Connection Broker 8.2, please fill in our free trial form and instructions for downloading the Connection Broker will be sent to you.

If you would like further product or sales information, please email sales@leostream.com.




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