The following training materials provide step-by-step instructions for specific Connection Broker setups. For troubleshooting common set up and configuration problems please visit the Leostream Frequently Asked Questions. In order to take advantage of all the features outlined in these tutorials, please be sure to update your software with the most recent downloadsTo receive an update when new product versions and features are made available, please sign up for our email notifications.


Registering Active Directory

This setup guide covers registering your authentication servers with your Connection Broker. The Connection Broker uses your authentication server to process user login, administer desktop assignments, and inventory computers and printers.

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Creating Connection Broker Centers

This setup guide covers how to create Connection Broker Centers. The Connection Broker uses centers to inventory and manage all the resources (like desktops, applications and printers) in your environment.

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Building Pools

This setup guide covers creating pools of desktops and applications that are used to offer desktops to users.

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Using Plans

This setup guide describes Protocol, Power Control, and Release plans, and shows how to build plans for common scenarios such as persistent desktops or single-use desktops.

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Delivering Persistent Desktops from vSphere with Active Directory authentication and RDP connections

This tutorial explains how to set up your Connection Broker to deliver persistent desktops to end-users from VMware® vCenter Server and a Microsoft® Active Directory®authentication server.

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Setting up a Mixed Virtual and Physical Environment using RDP and HP RGS connections

This tutorial explains how to set up your Connection Broker to deliver a VM from VMware vCenter Server using RDP, and a bladed workstation using HP RGS. The user is persistently assigned to a specific blade, while the VM is a pooled desktops.

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If you need help getting started or with troubleshooting your setup, please submit a ticket to our friendly support team.

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