How Can Leostream Help?

Increase profits and facilitate collaboration with Leostream tools for managing access to oil and gas applications
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Provide Anywhere Access to Graphics-Rich Applications

Your users move with the job site. With Leostream, regardless of where their work takes them, their applications are a click away. No matter what oil and gas application they need, host it in your datacenter or in a public cloud, then let Leostream authorize and connect users, whether they're at their desk, on the job site, or in a plane. Leostream allows you to tailor the user experience based on where the user logs in, so you can always provide the required level of access and performance.
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Support for High-Performance Protocols 

Every pixel counts when you're analyzing and visualizing large data sets to locate and utilize new reserves. Today's high-performance display protocols ensure that users experience at-desk performance for even the most demanding 3D renderings. Leostream supports a wide array of high-performance display protocols, including HP RGS, Mechdyne TGX, and Teradici PCoIP. You can choose the best protocol for the job, and mix and match based on your users' needs.
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Collaborate Around the World

Your workforce is global and your connection management platform should be, too. Leostream scales to support a large, distributed workforce, and provides tools to make their work days more productive. Users can invite colleagues to collaborate on their desktop session, or use the Leostream Gateway to connect while they travel. No matter the workflow, Leostream policies give you the flexibility to keep everyone productive and happy.