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Empower a global workforce and simplify IT with Leostream tools for managing access to graphics-rich hosted applications
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Maximize and Monitor Application Usage

Complex applications for modeling and simulation are expensive, so make sure you leverage them to their full potential. First, host your applications in your data center or in a public cloud, to provide shared access to a pool of applications. Then, use the Leostream suite of tools to authorize and connect uses to your hosted resources.

With Leostream, you can track who's using what, for how long, and when, so you know exactly when you need to invest in additional resources. You also know when users are idle, so you can free up their resource for someone else.


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Provide Optimal Performance from any Location

You invest a lot in the applications and hardware for 3D modeling and simluation, so make sure your users experience at-desk performance no matter where they log in. Leostream supports a wide-range of high-performance display protocols, such as HP RGS, Mechdyne TGX, and Teradici PCoIP. Leostream also integrates seamlessly with the Teradici Cloud Access Software, so you can host your applications on GPU-enabled instances in the public cloud.

Users need to travel? Not a problem. Using the Leostream Gateway, even users on the move can connect to their remote desktop using a high-performance display protocol.

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Scale to any Size, On Premises or in the Cloud

Large, global organizations face a challenge when they use disparate IT infrastructures. Simplify IT and lower hardware costs by consolidating into a common data center, or by leveraging the public cloud. 

Leostream supports a wide range of hosting platforms for on-premises deployments, as well as a number of public clouds such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. And, Leostream is architected specifically  to manage large scale environments, so users always have access to their hosted resources.

Using Leostream, you can build a hosted desktop environment to suit your needs, now, while ensuring that it can scale in size and incorporate new technologies as your organizations grows.

We love the product. It makes my life much easier. The reporting is very good. It helps us identify what users are coming in and the resources they are using.

Dick Green System Analyst/Project Lead - Ballinger

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Leostream makes it easy to scale up our environment by providing policy assignment based on the user’s Active Directory group membership. In addition, Leostream’s role-based administration allows us to provide support staff with access to the Administrator tools they need to service a user’s VM, without allowing them to modify the Connection Broker configuration

Matt Birkner R&D IT Infrastructure Architect - NXP Semiconductors

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