How Can Leostream Help?

Provide secure, anywhere access to all users and for all use cases
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Provide Anywhere Access to Hosted Resources

Whether your users are moving around the building or traveling abroad, you want to ensure that they have access to their hosted resources. With Leostream, regardless of where their work takes them, the user's desktop is a click away. 

Leverage the Leostream Gateway to provide access to on-premises hosted desktops from outside of your corporate network. Build Leostream clusters to scale your hosted desktop environment across your entire organization. No matter the size of your deployment, the type of client devices your users have, or where they roam, Leostream has a solution to ensure that they can access the tools they need to get their jobs done.

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Ensure a Seamless User Experience

Different groups of users require different sets of applications, each with their own requirements on performance. Thankfully, Leostream has something for all of them.

Whether you have administrators using productivity software on Microsoft Windows, support staff debugging customer issues with Apple macOS, or engineers using high-performance applications on Linux, Leostream can connect your users to the right resource using the display protocol that's best for their needs.

Leostream also includes features for attaching network printers, redirecting USB devices, and modifying registry keys, so you can ensure a seamless end-user experience.

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Future-proof Your Hosted Desktop Solution

New technologies are constantly coming to market, while others evolve or die off. Ensure that you never need to rebuild your hosted desktop solution by future-proofing your data center, starting with your connection broker.

Leostream supports a wide range of hosting platforms for on-premises and public cloud deployments, as well as supports a range of remote operating systems, client devices, display protocols, and more. You can choose the technologies that work best for you, now, with the knowledge that you can experiment and switch to new technologies that may suit you better in the future.

With Leostream, we have a flexible and open infrastructure. Leostream provides support for a wide range of thin clients and hypervisors, allowing us to adapt in a changing world.

Karel Klumpenaar TeamCo├Ârdinator ICT & Inkoop Gemeente Veenendaa

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