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Provide secure access to medical records by using Leostream to manage connections to hosted desktops
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Secure Access with Multi-Factor Authentication

Privacy and data protection is key in the medical industry. You need to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to medical records, while also ensuring that everyone has the information they need to get their jobs done. Thankfully, Leostream is here to help.

Using the Leostream suite of tools to manage access to your hosted desktop solution, you can leverage a variety of two-factor authentication systems to ensure that only authorized users are able to log in. Leostream supports smart cards, proximity cards, RSA tokens, and even fingerprint readers, so you can design a system that works best for your staff.

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Maintain HIPAA-Compliancy

How can you be HIPAA compliant while still ensuring the proper level of access to electronic protected health information (ePHI)? First, secure all medical records in your data center. Second, use Leostream to authorize and connect users to their hosted desktop and data.

Advanced Leostream policies give you control over the user's session based on who they are and where they are located, so users have access to the appropriate resources and information based on their ward. Policies also allow you to lock down USB devices, to ensure data stays off of end points and in your data center.

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Build a Hands-Free Clinical Enviroment

Logging into your hosted desktop enviroment should be the last thing on the minds of your clinicians and physicians. Using Leostream togther with a Xyloc solution from Ensure Technologies, you allow your staff to focus on their jobs, by providing hands-free login to desktops secured in your data center. Leostream automatically logs the user in as they approach their client device, and disconnect the user's session when they leave the room. Leostream even moves the user's session around the hospital, when the staff member enters a new room.
Leostream has everything already set up. You just download Leostream’s virtual appliance, install it on your VMware virtualization layer and it’s up and running. Add an IP address, call up the directory service (AD), set up your pools and policies, and everything is working within a few hours.

David Butcher Network Engineer, Collingwood General and Marine Hospital, Ontario, Canada

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