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What's New with Leostream Connection Broker 8.2?

We've made the Connection Broker even more powerful by launching the Leostream Gateway for browser-based HTML 5 viewing. In addition, we expanded our cloud support with our new Microsoft Azure integration. Plus, we've launched a number of features to enhance our support for HP RGS.


Introducing the Leostream Gateway

The new Leostream Gateway provides clientless HTML5 RDP access to remote desktops, as well as a proxy solution for Microsoft RDP connections, allowing you to isolate desktops hosted on a public or OpenStack cloud in private networks and connect using Leostream. See the Leostream Gateway Guide for more information.


Collaboration Tools for HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS) 

We've expanded our support for HP RGS by launching a variety of new features. For instance, users can now send and receive invitations to collaborate on RGS sessions, when logging in at the Leostream Web client or Windows version of Leostream Connect.

New Integration with Microsoft Azure

New Microsoft Azure centers allow you to manage capacity and connections to a VDI environment hosted in Microsoft Azure clouds. The highly anticipated offering is ideal for managing large-scale environments for users that require graphics heavy applications and virtual desktops. See the Quick Start guide for using Leostream to manage VDI in Microsoft Azure clouds.


Enhancements to VDI in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Several new enhancements have been added for AWS users. For example, you can now specify the security group for provisioned instances.  You can also use your personal private AMIs, as well as private AMIs that have been shared with your account, for provisioning in AWS. Plus, a proxy server can now be specified for AWS centers. 



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A connection broker is at the heart of any hosted desktop environment. It ties all of the pieces of your data center together, ideally providing a single pane of glass for you to manage all of your hosted resources and providing end users with a single login to access all of their allocated systems.

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