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Avid Qualifies the Leostream Connection Broker to Manage Avid Media Composer Virtual Machines Hosted in Hybrid Clouds

At Leostream, we are excited to announce that Avid, makers of Avid Media Composer, has qualified the Leostream Connection Broker to manage Avid Media Composer …

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What Is the Difference Between a Multi-Cloud and a Hybrid Cloud Environment? And More Importantly, What Does It Mean for Your Organization’s IT Environment?

If your company is like most, you’re no longer satisfied keeping all of your workloads in your own data center. Instead, you look for the …

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Why Leostream is the Blue Apron of Cloud Computing (and Workspaces-as-a-Service is the frozen dinner). 

Here at Leostream, we have been in the “providing access to desktops and applications that don’t live at your desk” space since the early-2000s. That …

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Will The Cloud Save Me Money?” Is The Wrong Question. Instead Ask

Is It Worth The Cost?”, We’ve all heard how moving to the cloud can save us money. We trade capital expenses for operating expenses

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How Micro Focus Uses LoadRunner and Leostream to Validate PCoIP In A VDI or Hosted Environment

In a recent article, Micro Focus highlights how LoadRunner and the Leostream Connection Broker can work together to validate Teradici PCoIP in your VDI or …

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Life on the Edge: What is Edge Computing and What Are the Key Benefits?

Edge computing is poised to take the server computing world by storm. Edge computing is a best of both worlds approach – combining the flexibility, …

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The wait is over – Leostream 9 is here!

We are pleased to announce that, as of this week, the Leostream 9 platform is generally available! The Leostream 9 platform is a complete VDI …

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How to Choose a Public Cloud for Your Hybrid Cloud, VDI, or Desktops-as-a-Service Solution

As the hybrid cloud continues to build steam, enterprise IT professionals are scrambling to choose a public cloud that is both cost-effective and adequately supports …

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Migrating your VDI environment to Windows 10? Time to reevaluate the rest of your stack!

Change is hard. Particularly change that requires you to rethink your IT processes or that disrupts your employees’ jobs. So, it’s not surprising that many …

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What is a Connection Broker and Why is it an Essential Component of your IT Infrastructure?

So, the year of VDI never quite arrived. Without placing any blame, we can certainly assert that the slow traction for VDI had primarily to …

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Young professionals surrounded by computer workstations

How High-Performance Workstations are Changing the IT Landscape for Good.

Virtual and hosted workstations are the wave of the future, enabling a new group of users to reap the benefits and flexibility of traditional RDS …

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A computer workstation for a large server network

Leostream Partner, Amulet Hotkey, Takes High-Performance Workstations to the Next Level

Leostream partner Amulet Hotkey unveils their newest line of CoreStation solutions, with support for brokering through Leostream. These high-performance workstations are ideal for remote access …

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Woman working on two monitors doing an intensive graphics application

NVIDIA vGPUs are a VDI Game-Changer for the Media and Entertainment Industry

Leostream partners NVIDIA released a webinar this past week discussing “What’s New with NVIDIA vGPU Solutions October 2018.” At Leostream, we are particularly excited about …

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Storage Review: Connection to Wyse 5070 Clients with Leostream

This week, we are thrilled to be featured in Tom Fenton’s review of Wyse 5070 clients as his connection management platform of choice! Read the review …

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Managing Multi-User VNC Servers with Leostream

Topics tend to come into Leostream Support in waves. The latest stream of questions center around managing multiple simultaneous connections to a Linux machine running a …

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Virtualization Review: Get Flexibility for Your VDI Deployment with Leostream 9 Connection Broker

This week, we are so excited to be featured in Virtualization Review! In this article, Tom Fenton discusses all the details of implementing Leostream 9 …

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Spectre and Meltdown: How to protect your Connection Broker

By now, you’ve likely heard about the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities and their potential consequences. Fortunately, there’s very little chance your Connection Broker is in danger, …

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Key Considerations When Migrating to a New vCenter Version

If it’s time to migrate to a newer version of vCenter Server, you’ll need to consider your VMware vSphere Center setup in your Connection Broker. …

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Center Scans and Refresh Intervals: Tips and Tricks

Some of the most common issues we see in the support queue have to do with center scans and refresh intervals. A center scan is when …

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Brian Madden: What’s Leostream up to? Their wide-ranging broker is just as valuable in today’s cloud world.

We are thrilled to be featured once again by Jack Madden of Get his latest take on the Leostream platform. Read the article here. 

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Using the Teradici Connection Manager with Leostream

If you’ve read through our Teradici Cloud Access Platform quick start guide, you may have discovered that you need the PCoIP Connection Manager to get your …

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Stuck in Desktop Limbo: Why isn’t my desktop getting released?

An essential part of the Connection Broker’s job is to smoothly allocate and assign desktops to users based on various rules. With Policy and Release …

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How to log into Leostream using a Tablet or Chromebook

Do your users have tablets? If so, they may have looked for a Leostream client on their device’s app store and, unfortunately, they didn’t find …

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RemoteApp Connections from your Leostream Connection Broker 8.2

RemoteApp is the key to running remote applications that appear as though they are running locally on your users’ client device, which is perfect for remote …

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