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Hire Remote: 5 Keys to Successful Telecommuting Policies

As millennials hit their early parenting years, and Gen Z enters the workforce, corporate policies that promote work/life balance are a must-have for attracting and …

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Millions of Microsoft Windows Machines on the Internet are Still Vulnerable to the BlueKeep RDS Vulnerability

What is BlueKeep? Well, the vulnerability isn’t yet publicly disclosed so it’s not exactly clear what the issue is. CVE-2019-0708 explains that there is the …

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Full Stack, Hyperconverged, or Open Source – Deciding how to build your VDI environment

Let’s say you’ve decided to venture down the path of VDI. Great! We fully support that decision! Now where do you begin? The answer to …

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Re-Thinking the Private Cloud: What it Means to Build a Private Cloud in 2019 (or what to do if you already built one in 2009)

If a colleague came to you and told you that your company needed more compute resources, more virtual desktops, more storage space, what would you …

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Remote Access for Containers? Just another day for Leostream!

This blog post is a bit of a confession. Last week, I attended Red Hat Summit to watch one of Leostream’s customers talk about how …

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Exploring Linux Distributions: Elementary OS – A Beautiful And User-Friendly Linux Distro

Some of us prefer Linux to Windows but want something with a modern user interface that doesn’t look like it’s something out of the ’90s. …

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Leostream To Host Webinar Discussing Custom-Built Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solutions with OpenStack Partner Fairbanks

May 9, 2019 – Waltham, MA Today, Leostream announced they will host a partner webinar “VDI Master Class: Rethinking Your Private Cloud with Leostream and …

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Google Advances Cloud-Based HPC Solutions For The Enterprise With Google Cloud Platform Support For NVIDIA TESLA GPUs

Earlier this month, NVIDIA announced that Google will be the first cloud provider to offer NVIDIA t4 GPUs and RTX technology for virtual workstations. This …

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Implementing a KVM Switch: What is it? Why would I want one? Where are the gaps?

We were chatting with a potential customer in the Media & Entertainment industry when a lightbulb switched on in their head. After hearing what our …

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How Does Leostream Compare to VMware and Citrix? It’s Not Quite Apples-to-Apples

As we are just returning from an amazing week at SUSECON 2019, I’ve been thinking a lot about the conversations we had at our booth. …

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How Do I Protect My Leostream Environment From An External Attack?

In March, in a blog post by their Chief Security Information Officer, Citrix notified the public about potential unauthorized access to their internal network. The …

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Paris Community Hospital Cures IT Infrastructure Challenges with VDI Solution Running on Scale Computing and Leostream

INDIANAPOLIS – MARCH 19, 2019 Scale Computing, a market-leader in edge computing, virtualization and hyperconverged solutions, today announced that Paris Community Hospital, a full-service emergency …

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Our Kind of Open: Meet Leostream in Nashville at SUSECON 2019!

I can’t believe we are just one week away from the event we’ve been looking forward to all year – SUSECON 2019 in America’s Music …

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Leostream announces the release of Leostream Connection Broker 9.0.34

March 21, 2019 – Waltham, MA Today, Leostream Corporation announced the release of Leostream Connection Broker 9.0.34. This update to Leostream 9.0 includes some minor …

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Leostream: Under the Hood of a High-Performance Compute and Visualization Platform

I admit it, we’re not that flashy here at Leostream. We focus on our jobs, our customers, our software and don’t spend a lot of …

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What’s in a name? The Leostream Story

It’s time to finally address the elephant in the room – how did we end up with such a funny name? It doesn’t seem to …

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enterprise remote access

Enterprise Remote Access for Snow Days: When a VPN Just Won’t Cut It

Well, it’s that time of year again. It seems as though here in Boston we manage to pack the entirety of winter into these last …

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Remote Gaming in a Hybrid Cloud: Putting Some Fun in VDI

I love our Leostream customers. They’re a hard-working, friendly, collaborative group, and they come from some very hard-core industries. These companies run the gamut from …

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Support Blog – Customizing your Leostream Sign In Page

The Leostream 9.0 release modernizes our Connection Broker web interface. As part of that, we made it possible to completely customize and internationalize the look …

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leostream for dev-ops teams

Forget the VPN: Key Considerations for Providing Your Dev-Ops Teams with Remote Access to Linux and Windows Sandbox Environments from Any Device

Designing a remote access solution for your essential task workers can is one thing, but developing a remote access solution that makes your devs happy? …

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Looking back on 2018 at Leostream

“Wow, where did that year go?” If you’re like me, words like that come out of your mouth at this time every year. To combat …

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The D in VDI doesn’t stand for what you think

In a previous blog post, I went on a tear explaining why, in today’s world of the hybrid cloud, Leostream is not a VDI company. …

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How Important Is Your Display Protocol, Really?

The answer? It depends. Leostream CEO Karen Gondoly discusses when that expensive, high-performance display protocol really does matter, and when free will work just fine. 

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How A Connection Broker Manages Users: The 8 Step Guide [Infographic]

Ever since virtual and hosted desktops emerged, connection brokers have been used to securely connect end-users to resources hosted in the data center. But what’s …

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