Meet Leostream

Explore the industry-leading connection broker for VDI and hosted IT assets. 

Manage Complexity

From a single-pane-of-glass admin console, Leostream can manage and connect users to VDI, cloud desktops, and other types of hosted IT assets across a range of hosting platforms, including – 

  • VMware vSphere and ESXi
  • AWS EC2
  • OpenStack
  • Scale Computing HC3  

Prioritize Security

Advanced security features for even the most compliance-sensitive industries including – 
  • Multi-factor authentication 
  • Secure external access to network
  • PostgreSQL and SQL Server support
  • Rogue user management
  • High-availability failover 
Connect End-Users

Connect end users to their desktops or applications via nearly any display protocol including – 

  • Teradici PCoIP
  • HP RGS
  • Mechdyne TGX
  • VNC
  • SSH 
Launch connections from any device, including thin clients, zero clients, Chromebooks, and mobile devices using Leostream’s in-browser HTML5 client.

Leostream Platform


Secure Remote Access

Connect to anything - anywhere, any time, and from any device, quickly and securely



A modern web-based UI is your centralized hub for all your remote resources


Mixed OS Environments

Management wants Windows, designers want macOS, and developers want Linux - support multi-OS environments with ease 



Connect to graphics-richs or compute-intensive applications using any high-performance display protocol 


Seamless Provisioning in the cloud

Burst into the cloud in a snap to meet demand fluctuations or performance needs


Hybrid-cloud management

Manage your entire on-prem, edge, and cloud environment, all from a single web-based administrator portal



Support any device with connectivity with a built-in HTML5 viewer



Build out your hosted environment using best-in-breed technology without locking yourself into a single legacy VDI stack 

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