A Solution for Every Desktop Environment

At Leostream, we recognize the importance of providing users with access to the right desktop at the right time — simply and securely. Whether you're hosting desktops in your private datacenter or in the cloud, Leostream has the expertise to help you manage it all.


Linux Workstations and VDI

Using Leostream, you can manage Windows and Linux desktops side-by-side, providing users with access to whichever, or both, using the display protocol that’s best for their application.



Mobile Workforce and BYOD

With support for a wide range of device types, Leostream provides mobile users with desktop access from any place with an internet connection.



High-Performance Display Protocols

Leverage the performance of Teradici PCoIP, HP RGS, or Exceed onDemand to provide each user with the best performance for their application.



On-Demand Desktops for Added Capacity

Leostream allows you to spin up new desktops in seconds, ensuring that users are productive as soon as possible.


OpenStack VDI and DaaS

All you need is Leostream and a display protocol, and OpenStack becomes a solution that allows organizations and MSPs to host virtual desktops with ease.


Legacy or Shared Applications

Legacy applications, particularly applications that are shared among many users, can be moved to the cloud and accessed from anywhere employees roam.


HP SAM Replacement

Leostream helps organizations transition from HP Session Allocation Manager (SAM) and provides a single management console for blades, virtual machines, remote desktop services, and XenApp application delivery, as well as a seamless platform for transitioning between solutions.

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Hosted Sales Demonstrations 

Instead of installing demonstration software on end devices, host applications in the cloud. Your sales force has anywhere access to their needed software, and you have complete control to keep the software up-to-date.

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