Remote Access for All

User connections to anything – anytime, anywhere, from any device.

AdvancedProduct Features


Intuitive User Experience

A modern web-based UI is your centralized hub for all your remote resources


Secure Remote Access

Connect to anything - anywhere, any time, and from any device, quickly and securely


Seamless Provisioning in the Cloud

Burst into the cloud in a snap to meet demand fluctuations or performance needs


Hybrid - Cloud Management

Manage your entire on-prem, edge, and cloud environment, all from a single web-based administrator portal

A Solution For Every Environment

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Learn something new from the VDI, DaaS, OpenStack, and Hybrid Cloud experts at Leostream

Intro to Leostream Concepts

Read this guide for an introduction to the Leostream components and terminology, and to learn...

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Webinar: Leostream 9.0 – The Next Generation of Leostream

A connection broker solves all the complex problems associated with how users connect to hosted...

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How a Connection Broker Simplifies a Hosted Desktop Environment

When moving resources into the data center, you have a lot of things to think...

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Leostream Agent for Linux and Apple macOS

Version: 5.0.4 Release Date: March 2019

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