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Connection Broker solutions that meet your integration needs

For organizations of any size, existing systems and legacy systems must be integrated into any desktop virtualization project. It's an almost unheard-of luxury to start with a “clean slate,” and it can be limiting to be tied into a particular vendor stack.

Organizations considering the move to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will need a virtual desktop broker solution that works with the range of technologies already in place, and that also offers the flexibility to incorporate future systems. In addition, many organizations need a solution that can deliver not only virtual desktops, but whatever is required by end users, including terminal server sessions and hosted applications.

Deliver desktop virtualization to your users

Leostream provides organizations with this flexibility and breadth of integration support. The Leostream Connection Broker can integrate nearly any required technology – hypervisors, directory services, gateways, protocols, clients – and can deliver the remote services that your end users need - virtualized desktops, applications, or sessions – wherever and whenever needed.

Virtual desktop broker solutions that support your technology investments

Learn how the Leostream Connection Broker provides support for a heterogeneous data center environment and delivers virtual desktop solutions for a broad range of technologies, including: