Leostream - Technology Solutions

Leostream provides organizations with the flexibility and breadth of integration support needed to satisfy complex use cases. The Leostream Connection Broker can integrate nearly any required technology – hosted physical desktops, hypervisors, directory services, gateways, protocols, clients – and can deliver the remote services that your end users need - Hosted or virtualized desktops, applications, or sessions – wherever and whenever needed.

Learn how the Leostream Connection Broker provides support for a heterogeneous data center environment and delivers hosted desktop and virtual desktop solutions for a broad range of technologies, including:

HP Blades, RGS, SAM
Assign users to hosted blades or workstations, connect using HP RGS

Linux Workstations and VDI
Connect users to Linux remote desktops using high-performance protocols

Teradici PCoIP
Brokering solutions for hardware-based PCoIP

Mixed deployments
Manage physical and virtual desktops, running Windows and Linux operating systems, from a single interface

Smart cards, proximity cards, multiple domains, and more

Hybrid Cloud
Burst into the public cloud

Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, HDX
Provide HDX connections in a Leostream environment

Microsoft Support
From Active Directory, to Operating Systems, to Hyper-V

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
Enhance Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization management

USB Management
Allow or restrict access to USB devices on remote desktops

Printer redirection
Send documents to the correct printer, based on the user's client location