Leostream Solutions

Connection Broker solutions that meet your business needs

The promise of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is tremendous – simpler desktop provisioning and management, hardware independence, better data security and compliance, less down-time, the list goes on and on. While these benefits are compelling for nearly any organization serving end-users, what happens when your requirements go beyond the solutions offered by out-of-the-box virtualization vendors?

Do you need the flexibility and independence to create a hosted environment from vastly different systems? Do you want to deliver applications and sessions in addition to desktops? Do you need a solution that can scale on a global level?  Do you require policies that can accurately implement your organization’s business rules?

Since Desktop Virtualization emerged, organizations across a range of industries have turned to Leostream to meet these business needs and others. As you move from a physical to virtual infrastructure to deliver end-user resources, the Leostream Connection Broker is a vendor-independent solution with unparalleled flexibility and scalability. Whether repurposing your existing network or integrating what you currently have while adding new elements, the Leostream Connection Broker results in a cost-effective, centrally managed, hosted infrastructure that can deliver all of your end-user resources while fully supporting future changes.

Business Solutions Industry Solutions Technology Solutions
Remote Access Finance HP SAM and RGS
Mobile Workforce Software & Helpdesk Public Cloud
Operations & Change Management Healthcare Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp, HDX
User Access Education Microsoft Support
Security & Compliance Government Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
Global Reach Manufacturing Sun Ray™, Sun™ ALP™, SRSS
Desktop Disaster Recovery SaaS  / Hosted Services Linux®
End-user Experience Call Center & Back Office Novell® eDirectory™
    USB Management
    Multi-factor authentication
    Mixed Deployments
    Multimonitor Support