Create Linux® and Microsoft® Windows® Deployments

End users often require or prefer a variety of operating systems, and organizations need to deliver exactly what users need to be productive and accomplish the job at hand. Most VDI solutions focus on deploying desktops running Microsoft Windows operating systems, making it difficult for an organization with a large number of users on Linux to see the value of switching to VDI.

The Leostream Connection Broker provides the most comprehensive and tested solution for Linux clients and desktops.

Using the Leostream Connection Broker, organizations can:

  • Install Leostream Connect on Linux clients to repurpose existing Linux desktops to behave as clients in the VDI environment.
  • Connect to Windows remote desktops from a Linux client using rdesktop
  • Connect to Linux virtual machines, blades, or physical machines using HP RGS, Exceed onDemand, Teradici PCoIP, VNC, or NoMachine NX protocols.
  • Provide single sign-on access for Linux machines accessed through VNC.
  • Define policies that connect users to either Linux or Windows machines, or both, using the remote viewer protocol appropriate for the back-end operating system.