Create Linux® and Microsoft® Windows® Deployments

End users often require or prefer a variety of operating systems, and organizations need to deliver exactly what users need to be productive and accomplish the job at hand. The Leostream Connection Broker is the only vendor-independent solution for connecting users to remote Linux desktops.

Using the Leostream Connection Broker, organizations can:

  • Connect to Linux virtual machines, blades, or physical machines using HP RGS, Exceed onDemand, Teradici PCoIP, VNC, or NoMachine NX protocols.

  • Define policies that connect users to either Linux or Windows machines, or both, using the remote viewer protocol appropriate for the back-end operating system.

  • Install Leostream Connect on Linux clients to repurpose existing Linux desktops to behave as clients in the hosted desktop environment.

  • Connect to Windows remote desktops from a Linux client