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Connection Broker solutions for your industry

For industries in which virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is an important part of IT and operations strategy, Leostream has been there from the beginning. Leostream’s vendor-independent desktop broker solutions allow organizations to virtualize end-user resources in the data center, simply, cost-effectively, and securely.

For financial services this could mean the integration of smart cards with thin clients for multi-factor authentication; for healthcare, policies that enforce location-based access to virtual desktops; for software development and testing environments, the provision of multiple, high-performance, role-based virtual desktops for remote teams.  

Deliver virtual desktops to your users

Leostream Connection Broker solutions are utilized by organizations across industries, resulting in a cost-effective, centrally managed, hosted infrastructure that delivers end-user resources and scales to support future needs.

Desktop broker solutions that support your industry

Learn how the Leostream Connection Broker delivers virtual desktop connection broker solutions for a wide range of industries, including: